What Are The Spice Jar Sizes?

Can you imagine cooking without spices? Neither can we! But have you ever found yourself lost in the spice aisle, staring at the collection of jars and wondering which size is the right fit? Cooking with the wrong size jar can be frustrating, messy, and even waste your precious spices. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this blog post, we’ll break down the different spice jar sizes and discuss their importance in your culinary creations.

Spice jars usually come in a standard size of 4 ounces, with a diameter of 2 inches and a height of 5 inches. However, there are plenty of options available for those who need smaller or larger jars to accommodate their specific spice collection.

Common Spice Jar Sizes

The most common sizes of spice jars are typically measured in ounces and include 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz. The dimensions of these jars can vary slightly depending on the manufacturer, but here are some general measurements for each size:

Spice Jar SizeCapacity (oz)Diameter (in)Height (in)
2 oz21.52
4 oz422.5
8 oz82.53.5
16 oz163.254.5

These sizes are typically available in both glass and plastic materials. The smaller sizes are ideal for individual spices or blends, while the larger sizes are great for storing frequently used spices or for recipes that require larger amounts. Some manufacturers also offer bulk sizes such as 32 oz or 64 oz for commercial or industrial use.

Now that we know there are no set rules for spice jar sizes and shapes, let’s dive into some of the top-rated options available on the market today. 

Spice Jar BrandDimensions (Inches)Capacity (oz)
UMI UMIZILI2.56 × 3.126.5
Tianifa1.77 × 3.743
SWOMMOLY1.8 × 4.14
NETANY1.75 × 4.384
Kaptivating Kitchens3.46 × 4.9216
fufsxdy2.6 × 510
DIMBRAH1.65 × 4.334
DHSBTLS2.59 × 4.5612
DHSBTLS3.35 × 5.920
AOZITA2.2 × 5.58

Other Spice Jar Sizes

Other Spice Jar Sizes

If you’re interested in saving money by purchasing spices in bulk, it’s a wise decision to also invest in a few spice jars. Although bulk spices are cheaper per ounce, they are usually sold in bags or boxes, making it challenging to measure out the correct amount. By transferring bulk spices to jars, you can easily portion out the required amount without wasting any excess.

If you’re looking for spice jars to organize your spice collection, plenty of options are available online. You can find standalone jars in various shapes, sizes, and capacities to fit your needs. 

Let’s take a closer look at some examples of spice jars available on the market. For instance, the IKEA Rajtan Spice Jar has a diameter of 3 inches and a height of 3 inches. On the other hand, the Örtfylld Spice Jar has a more traditional look, with a width of 1.57 inches and a height of 4.33 inches. 

 These jars are available in various sizes, with the most popular ones being able to hold up to 4, 8, 16, 28, and 32 ounces. By storing your spices in larger jars, you can save time and money by buying spices in bulk and avoid the hassle of constantly refilling smaller jars. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Different Sizes

spice jar

When it comes to purchasing spices, the size of the container can play a significant role in determining the convenience and efficiency of their use. Different sizes have their own benefits and drawbacks.

Let’s take a closer look at each size and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of storage, usage, and recipe requirements.

Large containers


  • Large containers offer the advantage of storing a large quantity of spices in one place, making it easier to access them whenever needed.
  • They are usually less expensive than smaller containers when it comes to the price per ounce.
  • They can be more practical for busy cooks who frequently use spices, as they don’t have to worry about running out of their favorite spices.


  • Large containers can occupy a lot of space in the pantry or cabinet, making it difficult to organize them and find space for other ingredients.
  • They might lose their potency if not used within a reasonable amount of time, which can be challenging for those who don’t use large quantities of spices frequently enough.

Medium containers


  • Medium-sized containers, also known as “regular-sized,” are often the perfect size for the average household.
  • They offer a good balance in terms of price per ounce and storage size, making them a practical choice for most consumers.
  • They are easy to find and purchase in most supermarkets, making them a convenient choice for many home cooks.


  • For those who tend to cook frequently with spices, medium containers can run out quickly, forcing them to frequently purchase new ones.
  • They might not be economical for those who don’t use a particular spice frequently enough, as they may not finish the entire container before it loses its potency.

Small containers


  • Small containers are a great option for those who want a variety of spices but don’t use them frequently, as they can easily fit into a small space.
  • They tend to be more affordable per ounce as compared to larger containers, making them an economical choice for those who don’t require massive quantities of spices.
  • They are ideal for those who live in small apartments or have limited shelving space.


  • They can be difficult to find at the store, as retailers typically stock fewer varieties in smaller sizes.
  • Smaller containers are more expensive per ounce than larger containers, which can be a downside for those who purchase frequently.

Specialty Spice Jars


Specialty spice jars are becoming more and more popular in modern kitchens. These jars come in a variety of sizes and shapes that cater to the specific needs of individuals. Some of the unique sizes available include small and compact jars ideal for those with limited storage space, magnetic jars that stick to a refrigerator or magnetic board for easy access, tall and slim jars that fit well in narrow cupboards or shelves, and large jars perfect for bulk storage.

Magnetic spice jars are an excellent option for those who want to keep their spices within reach and easily accessible. These jars are equipped with a magnetic base that allows them to stick on any magnetic surface, freeing up counter and drawer space. They are especially useful for smaller kitchens where space is limited, making it possible to store spices in an organized and convenient manner.

The range of tall and slim specialty spice jars is ideal for those with narrow cupboards or shelves. These jars come in long, skinny shapes that can fit perfectly in those hard-to-reach spaces. Some designs even include special dispensing features that make it easy to access individual spices without having to remove the jar from the shelf.

For individuals who prefer to buy spices in bulk, larger jars are the way to go. These jars are typically larger than standard sizes and can hold a significant amount of spice. They are perfect for those who cook frequently and want to cut down on repeated trips to the grocery store.


What is the size of a spice container?

The size of a spice container can vary depending on the brand and style. It can range from a few inches tall to several inches tall and can have different shapes such as round, square, or rectangular.

How many ounces is a normal spice jar?

A normal spice jar typically holds around 2-4 ounces of spices.

How big is a 6 oz spice jar?

A 6 oz spice jar is approximately 4.25 inches tall and has a diameter of around 2 inches.

How big is an 8 oz spice jar?

An 8 oz spice jar is approximately 5 inches tall and has a diameter of around 2.5 inches.

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