How Long Is 5 Inches? Things That Are 5 Inches Long

Have you ever wondered about the length of 5 inches? Understanding different measurement units is important, especially when it comes to everyday objects and their sizes.

Note: Do you know 5 inches are equal to 0.4176 feet, 12.7 centimeters, or 127 millimeters. I have also provided a special tip at the end of this post for my readers that how they can measure an inch without using any measuring tool. 

Here I have listed some common things that are 5 inches long and that you can easily find in any situation.

1. iPhone 7

iphone 7 is one of things That Are 5 Inches Long

The length of the iPhone 7 is 5.44 inches. To measure the length of an object five inches long, hold the iPhone seam against it. 

iPhone 7 was launched 6 years ago, it was not so popular as compared to other smartphones. The latest models of the iPhone are slightly larger than iPhone 7.

2. Soda can

the soda can is one of things That Are 5 Inches Long

Do you know a normal soda can is just a little lesser than 5 inches? A standard soda can is 4.83 inches tall. Soda cans are made of aluminum having a typical weight of 12oz to 16oz.  You can use a standard 355ml soda can to measure the items 5 inches long.

3. Small teaspoon

tea spoon is one of the things That Are 5 Inches Long

Teaspoons do not have a standard size their size varies on their designs, but small teaspoons are usually 5 inches long.

Teaspoons are used for multiple purposes like mixing tea or coffee, measuring sugar for tea or other ingredients, and for ice cream scooping. But you can also use it to take measurements.

4. Pen

standart pen is one of the things That Are 5 Inches Long

We all know about the Bic pen but we don’t know its length of it. The Bic pen is 5.7 inches long without the cap on.

If we take any other standard pen that is also 5 inches long. If you are confused about the length of your pen. Don’t worry you can easily compare it with any unsharpened pencil dimensions. Because an unsharpened pencil is 6 inches long

So if you are in any situation where you don’t have anything to measure 5 inches, the solution is in your pocket. You can confidently use your pen.

5. Two Adult thumbs

your hand thumb is one of the things That Are 5 Inches Long

According to research, the average adult human males have a 2.5 – 2.75 inches long thumb. If we put both thumbs together, they will be near to 5 inches long. Men have slightly longer lengths of hand thumbs than women.

So you can use your both thumbs to measure 5 inches long items accurately whenever you don’t have any measuring tool around.

6. 2.5 Pink erasers

2.5 is one of the things That Are 5 Inches Long

The world-famous pink eraser has a length of about 2 inches. If you line up two and a half red erasers in series, They will be 5 inches in total length.

We all know the famous pink eraser, Its length is 2 inches.  It is also called pink rubber or pink erasable. We line up 2 and a half-erased together they will be a total of 5 inches long.

I shortlisted the pink eraser because it is the most common stationary item that probably every has in their homes. 

It is different from the white and blue erasers because it is made of synthetic rubber material.

7. Five Paper Clips

5 paper clips are one of the things That Are 5 Inches Long

A single standard paper clip is 1 inch long. If we combine five same standard types of paper clips together, they will be probably 5 inches long. 

Most of us have paper clips in our offices and homes as well. Because it is a very common stationary item. This information will help you measure 5 inches long items in your offices and homes using the most common paper clips. All you need is to just line up 5 paper clips.

8. 6.5 Pennies

6.5 pennies is one of things That Are 5 Inches Long

The USA penny has 0.75 inches in diameter. If you line up 6 and a half pennies, it will be a total of 5 inches. 

First tip: If you see your fingers the gap between the lines on your index finger is nearly 1 inch. If you want to measure anything 1 inch, you can fold your index finger and the gap between your two knuckles is 1 inch.
Second tip: In the second tip we will try to find something common in our household that is 1 inch, here is the list
- Tea candle
- Paper clip
- Thumb pins


How long is 5 inches on a ruler?

On a standard ruler, 5 inches would be equivalent to the length between the 5-inch mark and the 6-inch mark.

How long is an inch, for example?

An inch is a unit of length commonly used in the United States and a few other countries. It is approximately equal to 2.54 centimeters. To visualize an inch, you can think of the distance between the tip of your thumb and the first knuckle.

How is 5 inches in cm?

To convert inches to centimeters, you can use the conversion factor of 2.54 centimeters per inch. Therefore, 5 inches would be equal to 5 x 2.54 = 12.7 centimeters.

What are inches for kids?

Inches are a unit of measurement used to describe length or distance. It is often taught to children as part of their early education in countries that use the imperial system, such as the United States. Children learn to understand and use inches by measuring objects, drawing lines, or comparing lengths. Understanding inches helps kids develop their spatial awareness and measurement skills.

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