8 Things that are 3 Inches Long

In this post, I will tell you about the 8 most common things that are 3 inches long. Three inches is a small and common size for most things. You can easily relate to this size.

If you want to measure something that how long is 3 inches and you don’t have any measuring tool like a ruler or tape. You can easily use common items that are 3 inches to measure the length of something.

Here I have listed some common household things that are 3 inches long.

Do you know? 7.62 centimeters or 0.25 feet are equal to 3 inches.

1. Three quarters:

quarter coin  is one of the Things that are 3 Inches Long

The diameter of a quarter coin is equal to 1 inch. The quarter coin is the quarter of a 1 dollar and equal to 25 American cents.

As I have mentioned above 1 quarter coin is equal to 1 inch or 2.54  centimeters. This means if you line up 3 coins in series it will be 3 inches in length.

Now if you want to measure something that is 3 inches long or not, you use 3-quarter coins in line and compare with that item.

2. Nails:

nails are the Things that are 3 Inches Long

There are many uses of common 3-inch nails in our daily life. These nails could be used in farming and wood, people also consider the 3-inches nail best for farming purposes.

3-inches nails are mostly used in nail guns which makes the job much more convenient.

Nails are usually made of different materials depending on the purpose of their use.

You can avail the nails in any size according to your choice. But 3-inches nails are very common among all sizes and you can easily find these in your toolbox. 

So if you want to measure a 3-inches item, you can use a 3-inches nail.

3. Half of 1 dollar bill:

folded dollar is one of the Things that are 3 Inches Long

The American dollar has a 6.14-inches length and 2.61-inches width. Other currencies in the world have different sizes, but America has been following the same size since 1928, which is quite impressive.

If you want to measure 3-inches long thing using 1 dollar bill, you can fold the bill in half. It will be 3-inches in length. Now you can compare the folded dollar bill to the other object and get the measurement. 

4. Credit or Debit card:

credit or debit card is one of the Things that are 3 Inches Long

A standard credit or debit card we use is the 3.375-inches long and 2.125-inches wide.

If you don’t have a credit or debit card in hand to take measurements you can also use any membership card, they normally have the same size.

As I have mentioned above credit/debit cards are a little more than 3 inches in length so you can get an idea of a 3-inches measurement with it.

5. Soup can:

soup can has diameter of 3 inches

A standard soup can has a diameter of 7.62 centimeters or 3 inches and is 4.35 inches tall. You can also reverify the soup can’s diameter by using a measuring tap.

If you know about the world-famous Campbell’s soup, their standard cans have a 3-inches diameter.

It is also a common item that most of us have in our homes. So you can also use soup cans to measure how long are 3-inches.

6. Three paper clips:

paper clip in 1 inch in length

As I have mentioned in my other article the paper clips which we normally use in our stationary work are 1 inch long. Most people have them in their homes and offices as well.

If you want to measure something that is 3-inches in size, you can line up 3 paper clips in series, it will be a total of 3-inches in length and compare easily to the other object.

7. Zip ties:

paper ties are Things that are 3 Inches Long

Zip ties are normally available in different sizes. They are used to organize and neat things like wiring.

Zip ties are mostly available in 6 inches or if you have smaller jobs you will have them in 3 inches as well.  You can also 3-inch ties from the near hardware shop.

You can use 3-inch zip ties to measure items if you can not find them in hand at the moment. You can also cut the 6-inch long tie from the middle and use it for measurement.

8. Half a Hot Dog sausage:

hot dog sausage is 6 inches long

The standard size of a hot dog sausage is 6 inches in length. The bun of hot dogs is also same in the size. If you want to measure something 3 inches you can cut the hot dog sausage from the middle and use it,

It may be not the most efficient and practical way to measure something 3 inches but you can use it when nothing is available to get an idea of measurement.

How long are 3 inches on your finger?

If you don’t have any measuring tool and any of the above items, you can use your finger to measure 3-inch long object. 

Do you know the average size of your index finger is very close to 3 inches or it could be exactly 3-inches.

The gap between the knuckle of your thumb and its tip is around 1 inch, you can also use it as a reference and multiply it by 3.

How to measure 3 inches without a ruler?

If you don’t have anything to measure 3 inches long things. You can simply use any of the above-mentioned things.

Most of the things are very common that you can easily find in hand in any situation. Like you can use a folded dollar bill and if you don’t have a dollar bill, you can use your credit or debit card as well.

If you want to measure something 3 inches long in a grocery store, you can simply grab a soup can and measure any item using its 3-inches diameter.

What are some common items that are 1 inch long?

There are many things that are 1 inch in length. Like a quarter coin, paper clip, PVC pipe diameter, and many more.

The most common 1-inch thing in this list is a quarter coin that is a quarter coin.


So in this post, I have tried to cover, how you can measure 3-inches long things easily without using any measuring tool. And how you can use common things in your household to measure 3 inches. I hope you find this post helpful. If you have any queries do not hesitate to comment or contact us.

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