11 Common Things That Weigh 200 Grams

A weight of 200 grams is roughly equivalent to 7.05 ounces or 0.44 pounds. Knowing what weighs 200 grams is helpful for weighing without a scale or comparing weights. With many options available, it’s easy to determine weight by using common items.

Here is the list of common items that weighs 200 grams and you can use them to compare with other items.

1. A Normal Cup of Sugar

cup of sugar

In the US, cooking measurements often use cups or tablespoons, but weight is also common in baking. These can usually be converted easily.

A cup of sugar is equivalent to nearly 200 grams, making it a helpful tool for both baking and weighing items.

When measuring food, there are several options that roughly equate to 200 grams.

For instance, 2 sticks of butter or a cup of sugar both tip the scales at around 200 grams, while 2 cups of almonds or 1 cup of uncooked rice also roughly weigh 200 grams.

These foods can be a helpful reference for determining what 200 grams looks like.

Keep in mind that not all food items weigh the same, even if they’re measured in cups. Sugar and rice weigh about 200 grams per cup, but other items may differ in weight.

2. Coins


Coins with consistent size and weight make for a useful tool in determining the weight or adjusting a small scale.

To get a sense of 200 grams, one can use both pennies and nickels. One penny weighs 2.5 grams, and 80 pennies stacked together can reach or nearly reach 200 grams.

In comparison, nickels weigh twice as much as pennies, so to approximately 200 grams, you would only need to collect 40 nickels or two rolls.

This would provide you with a precise visual and tactile sense of what 200 grams is like.

Coins can sometimes weigh differently if they are dirty or old. This can make them less accurate for weighing things. It’s better to use new coins to get the right weight.

3. A Pomegranate


Holding a ripe pomegranate, which weighs around 200 grams, can give you a good idea of what this amount of weight feels like.

A ripe pomegranate is a handy tool to help you understand its weight. Although their shape and size may affect their weight, holding a pomegranate will provide a good approximation of 200 grams.

Other fruits and veggies, like two medium tomatoes, are also comparable in weight to 200 grams, within a few grams.

Estimating the weight of 200 grams can be easily visualized through common fruits such as an apple or two ripe bananas, both of which weigh around 200 grams.

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4. A Hamster


Most adult hamsters weigh around 200 grams, so thinking about holding a hamster can help you understand the weight of 200 grams.

Hamsters can weigh differently based on their breed, gender, and age. Some hamsters may weigh more or less than others.

5. Four Regular-Sized Snickers

Snickers bar

Snickers bars can be a frustrating treat, especially since they’re getting smaller. A full-size Snickers bar weighs 1.86 oz according to the company.

With each Snickers bar weighing 53 grams, it would take 4 bars to equal 200 grams.

6. Four Silverware Pieces 

Tableware made of silver or steel, commonly known as silverware, varies in weight due to its diverse styles and sizes. However, on average, a single piece weighs approximately 50 grams.

To gauge the weight of 200 grams, holding four pieces of silverware together can provide a reasonable estimate.

When using silverware to estimate weight, keep in mind that larger items such as serving spoons or knives will weigh a bit more than smaller pieces. So, consider the size when trying to gauge the weight.

7. Box of 200 Paper Clips or 200 Paper clips

paper clips

Measuring weight with paper clips is a simple task. Each standard paper clip weighs one gram, which means a set of 200 paper clips will weigh exactly 200 grams, making it a precise way to calibrate a scale.

Calibrating a scale using paper clips is a simple and precise method since each standard paper clip weighs precisely 1 gram.

A box of 200 paper clips equals exactly 200 grams, giving you a solid understanding of what that weight feels like, although including the box may increase the weight slightly.

8. Eight AA Batteries


An AA battery, found in everyday items like TV remotes, typically weighs 24 grams each.

By having eight of these batteries in hand, you can accurately gauge a weight of close to 200 grams.

These batteries are widely available, making them an accessible option for scale calibration.

9. 1 Normal-Sized Potato


Varying in shape and size, the many different types of potatoes can make it challenging to determine their weight.

With over 4,000 types available globally, it’s important to identify which specific type of potato you want to use when trying to estimate weight.

A single medium-sized russet potato, a popular variety in the US, can be used to gauge weight.

The weight of a medium russet potato can vary between 140-280 grams, making it a convenient tool to assess if you have reached or gone over 200 grams.

10. Five Slices of Normal Bread

slices of bread

The weight of a slice of bread can vary, but on average, a slice of white bread weighs around 38 grams.

If you’re aiming to reach 200 grams, it would take approximately 5 slices, or a quarter of a standard loaf, which typically contains 20 to 24 slices.

Why not try a baguette for a change? These elongated loaves typically weigh in at a substantial 650 to 700 grams each, so if you’re looking to hit the 200-gram mark, a simple division of the baguette into thirds will do the trick.

11. 6-ounce Tin of Tomato Paste

tin of tomato paste

Tomato paste thickens and flavors sauces for pizza and marinara, essential to the overall taste. Its absence in a sauce will be noticeable.

A 6-ounce can of Hunt’s classic tomato paste might be just what you’re looking for. Boasting a weight of 170 grams, it falls just 30 grams short of the 200-gram target.

Keep in mind that anything weighing 6 ounces will also equal 170 grams, making this can a dependable choice for measuring ingredients accurately.


What weighs 200g to calibrate scales?

To calibrate scales, you can use various objects that weigh 200 grams. Some common examples include:
A standard 200-gram calibration weight is specifically designed for this purpose.
A small bag or pouch filled with a measured quantity of sand, salt, or other granular material that weighs 200 grams.
A small container filled with water will weigh approximately 200 grams (assuming the container itself is lightweight).

How many pennies are 200 grams?

In general, a typical U.S. penny weighs approximately 2.5 grams. Therefore, to determine how many pennies would equal 200 grams, you can divide 200 grams by the weight of a single penny:
200 grams ÷ 2.5 grams/penny = 80 pennies (approximately)

What weighs 100 grams?

Many objects can weigh 100 grams. Here are a few examples:
A small apple or orange.
A bar of chocolate.
A deck of playing cards.
A small bag of chips.

Is 100 grams heavy?

100 grams is not considered heavy when compared to larger objects or items typically associated with significant weight.

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