9 Common Things That Weigh 2 Kilograms

Estimating the weight of an object can be challenging without a precise measurement. To make this task easier, it can be useful to compare the weight of the item in question to that of another object that is similar in weight.

Weighing 2 kilograms is a frequently encountered measurement and having a reference for this weight can be not only practical but also informative and enlightening. To further illustrate this, here are some common things that share the same weight.

Did you know that 2 kilograms can also be expressed as 4.41 pounds or 2000 grams?

1. Four NFL Footballs

nfl football

If you’re a football enthusiast, you may recognize the dimensions of an NFL football. With a weight of 16 ounces, it takes four of these standard footballs to reach a total weight of 64 ounces.

Four pounds, or 64 ounces, is a weight that falls just short of 2 kilograms. Although a group of four NFL footballs may not match this weight precisely, it offers a helpful comparison to give you an approximation of the weight you’re trying to estimate.

2. Bag of 12 Apples

bag of apples

Using apples as a point of reference for weight is useful because they are a common sight in both homes and supermarkets. Although apples can vary in size and weight, the average weight of a Granny Smith apple is around 0.15 to 0.16 kilograms or 0.33 to 0.36 pounds.

A grouping of three apples usually weighs around 1 pound. Doubling the amount to six apples results in a weight of 2 pounds. And, if you have a dozen apples, the weight would be roughly 4 to 4.5 pounds, which is nearly equal to 2 kilograms.

3. 15-17 Bananas

bananas 1

Bananas, like apples, present a diverse range of shapes, sizes, and over a thousand different varieties. If you reside in the United States, there’s a high probability that you’ve sampled the popular Cavendish variety.

The weight of an individual Cavendish banana falls within the range of 118 to 136 grams. To reach a weight of 2 kilograms, one would need to take a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 17 bananas. However, the weight of a banana is dependent on its shape and size, hence it may not be a reliable means of obtaining an accurate measurement.

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4. 2-Liters Water


By measuring and weighing one liter of water, you would observe that it has a weight of 1 kilogram or 2.20 pounds. Doubling the volume to two liters would result in a weight of 2 kilograms or 4.41 pounds. This weight measurement applies specifically when the water is at its maximum density, which happens at a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius.

5. Normal Size Brick

red clay bricks

Bricks are an indispensable material in construction and are also frequently used to build outdoor features such as patios, walkways, and walls. The most common brick size, measuring 3-5/8″ x 2-1/4″ x 8″, has a weight that is close to the 2-kilogram mark.

6. 15-Inch Laptop


As technology continues to advance, laptops are becoming increasingly compact and lightweight. However, the weight of laptops still varies depending on their size. A 15-inch laptop, for instance, will generally weigh more than its smaller counterparts. The HP 15 is a popular example of a standard 15-inch laptop. This size is frequently used by many people, making it a commonly seen laptop size.

7. Dozen Pool Balls

pool ball

Billiards, a popular game, utilizes spherical objects known as pool balls. These balls are usually crafted from phenolic resin, yet in some cases, ABS plastic, polycarbonate, as well as other materials such as brass, bronze, copper, or steel, are used for their construction.

The dimensions of pool balls in billiards vary, measuring anywhere from 2.25 inches to 3.5 inches. Each ball typically weighs approximately 6 ounces, adding up to a total of 72 ounces or roughly 2 kilograms for a set of 12 balls.

8. Dozen Hockey Pucks

Hockey Pucks

The National Hockey League mandates that a standard hockey puck must have a diameter of one inch and a weight of six ounces, equivalent to 171 grams. To reach a weight of 2 kilograms, approximately a dozen hockey pucks would be required.

It’s worth considering that the weight of a hockey puck is based on the assumption that it remains intact. In accordance with regulations, hockey pucks must be changed every two to three minutes as they tend to deteriorate and easily chip with prolonged use. Therefore, as the duration of play increases, so does the likelihood of pieces breaking off, ultimately reducing the puck’s weight.

9. Four Hockey Sticks

Hockey Stick

The weight of a typical hockey stick used in the NHL is around 19 ounces. The NHL has set a weight limit for sticks used in the game, which must not exceed 737 grams or 26 ounces, regardless of the type of material used in the stick’s construction.

A stack of four typical NHL hockey sticks, each with an average weight of 19 ounces or 538 grams, would weigh approximately 2 kilograms in total.


What is something that weighs 2g?

A small paperclip or a single grape typically weighs around 2 grams.

What is the standard weight of 2 kg?

The standard weight of 2 kg is equivalent to 2000 grams or approximately 4.41 pounds.

What objects are about 1 kg?

Examples of objects that weigh around 1 kg include a large apple, a loaf of bread, or a small laptop computer.

What is an example of something that weighs 3 kg?

A small dumbbell or a bag of sugar weighing 3 kg would serve as examples of objects with that weight.

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