14 Common Things That Weigh 5 Grams

If you don’t have a weighing scale, measuring 5 grams can be tough. However, there are other ways to estimate its weight. Comparing the object with other items that have a similar weight is one method for determining its weight.

To express the weight of 5 grams in other units, it is equivalent to 0.17 ounces or 0.005 kilograms.

To assist you in determining the weight of objects that are approximately 5 grams, I have prepared a list of some things that weigh 5 grams.

1. Five Pen Caps

pen caps

Pen caps weigh exactly 1 gram, which makes the pen feel heavier and more important. If you stack five caps together, they weigh 5 grams.

2. USA Nickel

usa nickel

In the United States, the five-cent nickel coin has a monetary value of 5 cents. The composition of this coin consists of 75% copper and 25% nickel, making it an alloy that has a distinct color and physical properties. The diameter of the coin is 0.835 inches, and it weighs exactly 5 grams, making it a useful reference point for measuring objects of similar weight.

3. Five Dollar Bills

2 dollar bils 1

While the physical dimensions of banknotes vary among different countries, the size of the United States dollar bill has remained consistent since 1928, regardless of the denomination. Every bill is uniform in size and weighs approximately 1 gram. So, five dollar bills would weigh around 5 grams in total.

4. Paper Sheet

paper Sheets

For printing purposes, the standard size of a sheet of paper is typically 8.5 x 11 inches. While there are variations in the thickness and weight of paper, an average sheet of this size is estimated to weigh around 5 grams.

5. 3 Playing Cards

playing card

Although playing cards come in different sizes, the standard dimensions for a playing card are 3.5 inches by 2.25 inches. The thickness of a playing card can vary between 0.17mm and 0.24mm, and the weight of a single playing card typically falls in the range of 1.7 grams. Therefore, combining the weight of three playing cards can give an estimate of an object weighing approximately 5 grams. 

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6. 5 Thumbtacks


Thumbtacks are versatile office and school supplies that are useful for attaching papers to bulletin boards or hanging posters on walls. With a typical weight of around 1 gram per thumbtack, these small and lightweight items can be used as a reference point for measuring the weight of similarly sized objects. For instance, five thumbtacks would weigh approximately 5 grams in total.

7. Five Milliliter Water

On a smaller scale, the weight of the water can be measured in grams, with each milliliter of water weighing approximately 1 gram. This information can be used as a reference when measuring small quantities of water, such as 5 milliliters, which would weigh around 5 grams.

8. A Standard Pencil

How Long Is 13 Inches

The next time you need to determine the weight of something light, consider using a brand-new, unsharpened pencil with a full eraser as a reference point. Typically weighing between 6 to 7 grams.

But here’s an interesting fact: if you happen to have a slightly used pencil lying around, it will likely weigh around 5 grams. 

9. 5 Gum Sticks

gum sticks

Chewing gum is a common and convenient treat that comes in various flavors and sizes. On average, a single stick of chewing gum weighs approximately 1 gram, making it a helpful reference point for measuring small weights. For instance, if you were to hold together five sticks of chewing gum, their combined weight would be approximately 5 grams.

10. 5 Paper Clips

Paper Clips

Paper clips are a ubiquitous office supply used for holding papers together. While the weight of a paper clip can vary, a medium or regular-sized paper clip typically weighs around 1 gram. Therefore, a bundle of five paper clips of this size should weigh approximately 5 grams.

However, the weight of larger paper clips may differ slightly. Generally, large paper clips weigh between 1.5 and 2 grams, meaning that a group of three large paper clips would weigh just slightly less or more than 5 grams.

11. 5 Almonds


While the size and weight of individual almonds may vary slightly due to natural variations, an average almond typically weighs approximately 1 gram. If you were to group five almonds together, their total weight would be around 5 grams.

12. 1/3 of a Tablespoon of Water

table spoon of water

Water is an essential element and it has a weight that can be measured even in small quantities. In fact, just a tiny amount of water, about 1/3 of a tablespoon, weighs 5 grams. To put it into perspective, a tablespoon of water, which is a more convenient measurement, weighs around 15 grams. 

13. 5 Cigarettes

Cigarettes are a popular smoking product made from dried and finely shredded tobacco leaves wrapped in thin paper. The weight of an individual cigarette is usually around 1 gram, although this can vary depending on the brand and type of tobacco used. Thus, it can be estimated that a bundle of five cigarettes would weigh approximately 5 grams.

14. Half of a Poker Chip

poker chips

Poker chips are commonly used in casinos and gambling establishments as a means of representing different monetary values, such as $5, $25, or $100. The denomination of the chip is indicated by the number printed on its face. Although poker chips are generally uniform in size, their weight can vary slightly between 8.5 and 10 grams, depending on the material they are made from. Interestingly, half of a poker chip would weigh approximately 5 grams, making it a useful point of reference for measuring objects with a similar weight.

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What coin weighs 5 grams?

A nickel coin weighs approximately 5 grams.

What does 5 grams look like?

5 grams is a relatively small amount and would be difficult to visualize with the naked eye. It would be equivalent to about 1 teaspoon of water or a few grains of sugar.

How can I measure 5 grams at home?

There are a few ways to measure 5 grams at home. One option is to use a kitchen scale, which can provide accurate measurements. Alternatively, you could estimate the weight using common household objects. For example, a US penny weighs about 2.5 grams, so two pennies plus a little bit extra would be approximately 5 grams.

What things weigh 1 gram?

There are many common household items that weigh around 1 gram, such as a paperclip, a small button, a single raisin, or a thumbtack. For more accurate measurements, a digital kitchen scale or a jeweler’s scale can be used.

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