What Are the Bottle Opener Dimensions? Complete Details

Bottle openers are available in different sizes and designs. In this post, I will discuss the dimensions of bottle openers. 

The standard and common bottle openers which are called crown cork bottle openers are roughly 7 inches long, half an inch thick, and 1 inch in width.

I will also discuss the different types and varieties of bottle openers below. Let’s get started.

Bottle opener dimensions:

Bottle Opener Dimensions

Bottle opener dimensions could vary depending on their design and different varieties. Because this fact should be considered before we jump into the dimensions of bottle openers. But there is a standard bottle opener named “The standard crown cork opener”. 

The standard bottle openers are 7 inches long and 1 inch in width at the widest point of the opener. Thickness could vary but most likely it is half an inch. 

The background of bottle openers:

Bottle Opener Dimensions

Bottle openers were invented 200 years ago. First of all, they come with a bottle of soda for opening the caps. The person behind this amazing invention William Painter is the same guy who invented bottle caps.

While experimenting with and developing the crown cork cap for beverages, William also learned there should be an opener for these caps. So, he also invented the crown cork openers with the crown cork caps. Both of these were great inventions for the beverage industry. 

He received the patents for the “Bottle sealing device” that changed the whole industry. William also patented the bottle opener with the name “Capped Bottle Opener”. Due to the patent expiration, the opener was released to the public, and dozens of new types and varieties were created.

Some people collect bottle openers as a hobby. In 2021, there was a person who won the Guinness world record for collecting 33,492 different bottle openers. Marinus van Doorn has been collecting bottle openers since the 1970s.

Different parts of a bottle opener:

Bottle Opener Dimensions and parts of it

Although William’s invention is simple in design, he did a lot of experiments and effort to keep it simple and convenient. There are three parts of a bottle opener: the tooth, the fulcrum, and the lever. 

Lever basically refers to the handle portion of the bottle opener. Thus, we grasp the lever with our hand and pull it up with its tooth to open the bottle. The handle from the fulcrum to the bottom is approximately 5 inches long.

The head portion of the opener is the fulcrum. The head/fulcrum can have different sizes and shapes, but most of the time, it is a round triangle or oval shape. The fulcrum is 2 inches in length from the top to the connecting point to the lever. The width of the fulcrum is about 1 inch which is the widest point of a bottle opener.

The tooth of the opener is the inner portion of the fulcrum. The tooth of the opener needs to align under the crown of the bottle cap so that you can pull it up using the lever and the bottle will be opened.

Varieties and types of bottle openers:

I mentioned above that multiple types and varieties of bottle openers are available on the market, but many aren’t worth purchasing or trying. I have discussed the standard crown cork opener in

I have listed some useful bottle openers that you can try here.

Wall-Mounted Opener

Wall-Mounted bottle Opener

Wall-mounted openers are the ones that are attached to a refrigerator or to a wall with screws, as the name implies. Since it is only based on the fulcrum, consumers only have to align their bottle cap into the tooth and pull downward. Some of the wall-mounted openers also have a magnet attached to them to catch the loose bottle cap.

Keychain Bottle Opener

Keychain Bottle Opener

The keychain bottle openers are made of plastic entirely. It is entirely different from standard crown cork openers. As compared to a standard bottle opener, keychain bottle openers have a smaller lever. Therefore, consumers can easily keep them in their pockets.

Speed Opener

Speed Opener

The speed opener has two holes and it is available in an oval shape. One hole has no tooth, while the second has a tooth. As you can see, the tooth hole is used to open glass bottles. The other hole which is slightly wider is used by the bartenders to retrieve the glass bottles from the refrigerators or chillers. They avoid their hand germs getting on the bottleneck.

Ring Bottle Opener

It is a simple ring with a tooth in it. It is made of steel. You can easily open the cap of your favorite beverage bottle using this ring opener with your finger. Despite their stylish design, they are also quite dangerous if you don’t place the tooth properly on the bottle cap.

Novelty Bottle Openers

There are different types and varieties of bottle openers that fall under the category of novelty bottle openers. Flip-flop and sunglasses bottle openers are also included in them. You can take a look at the mustachioed bottle opener to get the exact idea of novelty bottle openers.

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