What Are The Red Bull Can Dimensions? Detailed Guide

We see a lot of variations in the can sizes of energy drinks, soft drinks, and other drinks. The sizes vary according to the brand’s marketing and logistics strategies. Red Bull cans have the same amount of fluid as other brands, but they come in slim and tall can sizes.

The dimensions of a Red Bull 8.4-fluid-ounce (248-milliliter) can are 4.75-inches (121 millimeters) in height and 2.12-inches (53 millimeters) in diameter.  

The above-mentioned can is just one of several sizes of Red Bull cans available in the market. I will also discuss the other can sizes available and what is the main reason behind using this slim and tall can. 

Dimensions of Red Bull cans and sizes:

Red Bull Can Dimensions

Red Bull cans are available in three different can sizes: 8.4, 12, and 16 fluid-ounces which is equal to 248, 355, and 473 milliliters. Additionally, we can find something very different from Red Bull in the form of Red Bull Shots 2.03-fluid-ounce cans. Let’s quickly look at the dimensions of these Red Bull cans.

8.4-fluid-ounce can is 4.75 inches (53 millimeters) in height and 2.12 inches (121 millimeters) in diameter.

12-fluid-ounce can is 6.125 inches (57 millimeters) in height and 2.25 inches (156 millimeters) in diameter.

16-fluid-ounce can is 7.12-inches (60-millimeters) in height and 2.38-inches (181 millimeters) in diameter.

Why red bull uses different tall and slim cans?

We can see that companies like Red Bull use slightly different can sizes in comparison to their competitors. The typical standard 12-fluid-ounce can size is 4.83-inches (123 millimeters) in height and 2.6-inches (66 millimeters) in diameter which is used by most of the other brands. But Red Bull uses different tall and slim cans for 12-fluid-ounces as well as other can sizes.

Red Bull and other companies use tall and slim cans because they take up less shelf space. Therefore, retailers can place more cans on a shelf, and this pushes retailers to order more.

Another one of the main reasons for using a different can size is the marketing strategy. Slim and tall can allow companies to put more details about their product on it and the same goes with Red Bull.

These tall cans also help retailers quickly cool down energy drinks which saves a lot of energy.

Red Bull types and variants:

Red Bull Can Dimensions

As we can see on the official Red Bull website, there are three different variants of energy drinks available on the market. Red Bull Zero, Red Bull Energy Drink (Standard), and Red Bull Sugarfree are the three variants. All of these variants contain the same amount of caffeine per fluid-ounce.

Moreover, some special editions could also be found in the market. These include Red Bull Red, Red Bull Blue, Red Bull Yellow, Red Bull Coconut, Red Winter, and Red Bull Green. On the other hand, Red Bull Blue contains blueberry extracts, while Red Bull Yellow contains a special blend of tropical extracts.

Final thoughts:

In this post, I have discussed the dimensions of all sizes of Red Bull cans. The dimensions of can vary according to their fluid-ounce size, for example, the dimensions of an 8.4-fluid-ounce can are different than one with a 12-fluid-ounce capacity.

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1. What is the main purpose or function Red Bull serves?

Red Bull is not used as a thirst quencher. A good amount of caffeine is present in this energy drink, which is supposed to boost the consumer’s energy. Red Bull is very popular among sportspeople as well as e-sports athletes.

2. Are Krating Daeng and Red Bull the same?

Krating Daen and Red Bull are not owned by the same company nor are they the same. Both products are different from each other. Krating dean is very popular in Thailand because it is originally from Thailand. If you translate the word Krating Daeng into English, it means exactly “Red Bull”. Red Bull’s creation could have been inspired by Krating Daeng, a point that has been highly debated.

3. Why Red Bull is so popular?

Red Bull is so popular because of its effective marketing and collaboration with sports and e-sports. This makes them cool and attracts young people to them. The company has sponsored and supported many e-sports tournaments.

4. Can you recycle Red Bull cans?

Yes, you can easily recycle Red Bull cans. Its cans are 100% recyclable according to the company website. Red Bull has a very low carbon footprint and emphasizes sustainable practices. 

Red Bull also built a cooler especially to cool down its energy drinks faster while saving 50% energy.

5. How many cans does Red Bull sell every year?

From 2015 to 2020, Red Bull sales increased steadily, and in 2019, Red Bull sold a record-breaking amount of 7.5 billion cans around the world. This number is approximately equal to the total world population. In 2021, the company sold 9.8 billion cans, breaking its own record.

6. How tall are 12 oz Red Bull cans?

12 oz can is 6.125 inches (57 millimeters) in height and 2.25 inches (156 millimeters) in diameter.

7. How tall is 250Ml Red Bull?

The 250 ml can is 4.53 inches (115mm) tall.

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