Quart Size Ziploc Bag Dimensions And Different Uses

Zipper storage bags are resealable, recyclable, and reusable bags. Ziploc is one of the most popular brands of zipper storage bags. Ziploc brand produces 20 different types of reusable bags, and the quart freezer bag is the most popular of all the varieties. When it comes to reusable food and kitchen bags, Ziploc is synonymous with them. 

Quart size Ziploc bag dimensions are 7 inches wide by 7-7/16 inches long. In centimeters, this translates to 17.7 x 18.8 centimeters.

I will discuss the different sizes and varieties of Ziploc bags in the following sections. So if you are curious to know more about the amazing reusable and resealable Ziploc bags, please continue reading.

Different Ziploc bag types and sizes

Quart Size Ziploc Bag Dimensions

If you visit the Ziploc official website, you will come to know that the Ziploc company produces over 20 different types of reusable storage bags for different purposes.

Ziploc’s best-selling item is the quart-size freezer bag (1-gallon size), which is a handy option for carrying food and kitchen items on picnics. It is just a little smaller than the gallon options.

According to the Ziploc company, the dimension of the quart Ziploc bag is 7 × 7-7/16 inches (17.7 × 18.8 centimeters). 

Below I have listed all the Ziploc bag types with their dimensions. This dimensions table will help you to know the dimensions of each Ziploc bag type.

Ziploc Bag VarietiesSize OptionsDimensions
FreezerXL (2 gallons)13 × 15 inches
33 × 38.1 centimeters
XL (1 gallons)10-9/16 × 10-3/4 inches
26.8 × 27.3 centimeters
Medium (1 quart)7 × 7-7/16 inches
17.7 × 18.8 centimeters
Small (1 pint) 7 × 5 inches
17.7 × 12.7 centimeters
Storage XL (2 gallons) 13 × 15 inches
33 × 38.1 centimeters
Large (1 gallon) 10-9/16 × 10-3/4 inches
26.8 × 27.3 centimeters
Medium (1 quart) 7 × 7-7/16 inches
17.7 × 18.8 centimeters
Sandwich & Snack XL7 × 8 inches
17.7 × 20.3 centimeters
Sandwich Bags6-1/2 × 5-7/8 inches
16.5 × 14.9 centimeters
Sandwich & Snack Lunch 6-1/2 × 3-1/4 inches
16.5 × 8.2 centimeters
Snack 6-1/2 × 3-1/4 inches
16.5 × 8.2 centimeters
Slider Freezer Large (1 gallon) 10-9/16 × 9-1/2 × 2-5/8 inches
26.8 × 24.1 × 6.6 centimeters
Medium (1 quart) 7-7/8 × 5-7/8 × 1-7/8 inches
20 × 14.9 × 4.7 centimeters
Slider Frozen Large (1 gallon) 10-9/16 × 9-1/2 × 2-5/8 inches
26.8 × 24.1 × 6.6 centimeters
Medium (1 quart) 7-7/8 × 5-7/8 × 1-7/8 inches
20 × 14.9 × 4.7 centimeters
Specialty Marinade10-9/16 × 6-1/16 × 3-1/2 inches
26.8 × 15.4 × 8.9 centimeters
Zip ‘n Steam 7-14 × 8 inches
18.4 × 20.3 centimeters
Large Vacuum Sealer (Roll) 11 × 84 inches
27.9 centimeters × 213.4 centimeters
Medium Vacuum Sealer (Roll) 8 × 108 inches
20.3 × 274.3 centimeters
Vacuum Cleaner (1 gallon) 11 × 14 inches
27.9 × 35.6 centimeters
Vacuum Cleaner (1 quart) 8 × 11 inches
20.3 × 27.9 centimeters

There are majorly 3 standard sizes of Ziploc bags, which are mainly used as a reference. Large (gallon), medium (quart), and small (pint) are the three main sizes.

Ziploc bags have a variety of uses

Beyond their traditional uses such as food, kitchen, and picnic packaging. Ziploc bags have a variety of other uses. Below I have discussed some very smart uses for spare Ziploc bags.

Smartphone waterproofing

If you want to take your phone in the shower with you and it is not waterproof. You can simply carry your phone with you by putting it in a Ziploc bag. Now you can bring your phone into the shower with you. Make sure the zip of your Ziploc bag is completely sealed before you jump under the shower.

Holder for phones

You can use your Ziploc bag as a phone holder. If your phone is in a Ziploc bag, you can simply hang the Ziploc bag on the binder clips or hooks. You can also hang your Ziploc bag during the entire flight from the locking hasp of your flip-down table.

Piping bag

Piping bags are very expensive and very difficult to clean up. If you want to avoid the hassle of cleaning reusable piping bags and don’t want to spend a lot on them. Simply use Ziploc reusable and resealable bags as your piping bags. This means you can replace the piping bag with the Ziploc bag. You just have to fill ¾ of the Ziploc bag with the cream and sniff one corner of the bag. Now you can use the Ziploc bag as a piping bag. Please note the small hole will make your cupcakes easier to pipe.

Crush breadcrumbs and ice

Most of us already use Ziploc bags to crush breadcrumbs and ice. You just need to fill half of a Ziploc bag with Graham crackers or ice. Make sure to remove as much air from the bag as possible before you start beating your bag. Air and a fully filled bag can cause your bag walls to break, allowing your material to spill.


If you are unable to find any funnel handy in a situation, you can simply turn a Ziploc bag into a funnel. You just need to sniff off one corner of a Ziploc bag that will allow liquid to come out. Make sure to make the hole as per your requirement; a smaller hole can slow down the pouring process, and a bigger hole can spill the liquid. So sniff it very carefully. 

Showerhead cleaning

The shape of the shower head makes cleaning it difficult, so whenever something gets caught in the shower head you can use a Ziploc bag to clear it. So all you need to do is fill up the Ziploc bag with vinegar and put the shower head into it. If possible, close the Ziploc bag zip or use a rubber band to shut the mouth of the bag. Leave the shower head in the vinegar for the next 24 hours. After 24 hours it will be 100% cleaned internally.

Paintbrush storage

We all need to handle our paint brushes carefully so we can keep the fine bristles secure and safe from getting rough. In order to achieve this safety for paintbrushes, we simply need to store them in Ziploc bags. When you are done painting your walls you can wash your brush until it is 100% paint-free and store it in a Ziploc bag.

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