Things That Are 80 Feet Tall or Long (9 Examples)

Have you ever wondered what things could be 80 feet long or tall? This number may seem incredibly large, but there are a variety of objects that meet this length requirement.

In this post, I have listed some common things that are 80 feet tall or long.

80 feet is equivalent to 26-2/3 yards, which can also be expressed as 24.384 meters.

1. 16 Park Benches

Park Bench

The size and dimensions of a park bench can vary depending on the specific model and the intended use. In general, park benches are long and narrow, with a seating area that is typically around 5 feet in length.

So if you lined up 16 of them side by side, the total length would be approximately 80 feet.

2. An Average Red Pine Tree

red pine tree things that are 80 feet

Red pine (Pinus resinosa) is a species of pine tree that is native to North America. Red pine trees are known for their distinctive appearance, with a tall, straight trunk and a narrow, conical crown of long, thin needles. Red pine trees can grow to be quite large, with heights of up to 100 feet or more and trunk diameters of up to 3 feet.

Red pine trees can often be seen in lumber mills, as they are harvested after reaching a height of 70 to 80 feet. This is a good indication of what 80 feet looks like, as these trees are usually between 35 and 100 feet tall when harvested.

3. 1.6 Residential Streets

residential street

These streets are typically found in neighborhoods and subdivisions, and they are designed to provide a safe and convenient way for residents to access their homes and for vehicles to travel through the area.

The width of residential streets can also vary, with typical widths ranging from around 20 to 60 feet. But the average width is 50 feet. So 1-3/5 Residential Streets would be equal to 80 feet.

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4. Four Giraffes


Giraffes are generally peaceful and non-aggressive, and they use their long necks and legs to defend themselves against predators. Giraffes are also known for their ability to move quickly and gracefully, and they are able to run at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour.

Giraffes are social animals and are typically found in herds of 10 to 20 individuals, although larger herds are also common. So if you picture up 4, 20 feet tall giraffes standing on top of each other, the total length would be around 80 feet.

5. Ten Normal Surfboards


The length of a surfboard can vary depending on the specific type of surfboard and the intended use. In general, surfboards are available in a range of lengths to suit different skill levels and surfing conditions.

The average length of a surfboard is typically around 8 feet, depending on the type of surfboard and the skill level of the surfer.

If you line up 10 surfboards end to end, then the length of your line would be approximately 80 feet.

6. Widths of 20 Sidewalk

 Sidewalk how far is 30 feet

In general, the width of a sidewalk is determined by the purpose of the sidewalk and the needs of the people who will use it. Sidewalks that are located in areas with high levels of pedestrian traffic or that are used by people with mobility impairments, such as wheelchairs or strollers, may need to be wider to accommodate the additional space and accessibility requirements.

The width of a typical sidewalk in the United States is 4 feet. This means that if you lined up 20 sidewalks side by side, it would create a total width of around 80 feet.

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7. Length of 8 Horse Trailers

Horse Trailers

Horse trailers are typically long and narrow, with a box-like structure that is designed to accommodate the size and shape of a horse. The interior of a horse trailer is divided into stalls or compartments that are separated by partitions, and each stall is typically large enough to accommodate a single horse.

Horse trailers can be as small as a single-horse trailer, which is typically around 8 to 10 feet in length, or as large as a multi-horse trailer, which can be up to 45 feet or more in length.

So if we imagine 8 horse trailers in a line end to end, it will be around 80 feet in length.

8. Height of Ten Volleyball Nets

Volleyball Net

In official volleyball games, the height of the net is determined by the level of play and the specific rules and regulations that apply to the game.

The official playing regulations for volleyball state that the height of the volleyball net must be set at 8 feet for men and 7.5 feet or lower for women.

9. Height of 8 Story Building


The height of an 8-story building will depend on the specific design and construction of the building. In general, the height of a building is measured from the ground level to the highest point of the building, such as the top of the roof or the top of an antenna or other protrusion.

The average height of an 8-story building is typically around 80 to 100 feet, although the actual height of an 8-story building can vary significantly depending on the specific design and construction of the building.

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As you can see, 80 feet is the equivalent of 1-3/5 residential streets, 20 sidewalk widths, 10 volleyball net heights, 16 park benches, 8 horse trailers and 4 giraffes. It’s clear that 80 feet is a significant length, making it a useful measurement to keep in mind.

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