10 Common Things That Are 70 Feet Long or Tall

Measuring 70 feet can be challenging as it is equivalent to 23-1/3 yards or 21.336 meters. It cannot easily be measured with a standard tape measure, but the use of laser measures can make the task simpler. A more straightforward approach, however, is by using objects as references, which allows you to easily determine the length of 70 feet.

Here, we will discuss some common things that are 70 feet, so you won’t have to search for specialized measuring tools. Let’s take a look at these objects and how their measurements relate to 70 feet.

1. Height of a 7-Story Building

building Things That Are 70 Feet

The height of a seven-story building can vary depending on the specific design and construction of the building, as well as the local building codes and regulations that apply to it. In general, however, a seven-story building is likely to be a relatively tall structure, with a height of around 70 feet or more.

The height of a building is typically measured from the ground level to the top of the building, including any roof structures or other features.

2. 2 School Buses

school bus

School buses are large vehicles that are designed to transport students to and from school and other educational activities. School buses come in a variety of sizes and configurations, but most are typically around 35 to 45 feet long and are able to carry up to around 72 students.

The total length of two school buses would depend on the specific size and model of the buses. In general, two school buses would be around 70 to 90 feet long, depending on the size of the individual buses. If it is 35 feet in length the total would be 70 feet, or if it is 45 feet in length, the total would be 90 feet.

3. Width of 2 Neighborhood Street

Neighborhood Street

The width of a neighborhood street can vary depending on the specific location and the purpose of the street. In general, however, neighborhood streets are typically narrower than major thoroughfares or highways and are designed to handle lower volumes of traffic.

In the United States, the standard width for a residential street is typically around 24 to 36 feet, although some streets may be wider or narrower depending on the specific design and local regulations

So if we imagine the width of two neighborhood streets placed side by side, it would measure around 70 feet in total.

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4. Three and a Half Badminton Nets


In official badminton matches, the net is required to be a certain length in order to ensure fair play and to ensure that the game is played safely.

According to the rules of the Badminton World Federation (BWF), the official governing body for the sport of badminton, the length of a badminton net is required to be 5.6 meters (18.4 feet) wide.

So if you were to place 3.5 badminton nets side by side, they would measure approximately 70 feet in total.

This dimension is standardized for all official badminton matches, including international competitions and tournaments.

5. Half the Width of an Airport Runway

 Airport Runway

The width of an airport runway typically measures 150 feet, making it ample enough to serve wide-body aircraft with wingspans of around 130 feet. However, those living in areas with no international flights may find their local airfields have a narrower tarmac.

The width of an airport runway can be determined by the number of stripes it contains. A 4-striped runway is 60 feet wide, while a 16-striped runway is 200 feet wide. The most common type of runway, the 150-foot wide one, has 12 stripes.

6. Mount Rushmore National Memorial

mount rushmore

Mount Rushmore is a national memorial in South Dakota that features the faces of four United States presidents carved into the side of a mountain: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. The heads of the presidents on Mount Rushmore are each about 60 feet tall and are carved from the granite face of the mountain.

The faces of the presidents are highly detailed and are iconic symbols of the United States. The faces of the presidents on Mount Rushmore are lit up at night, making them visible from a distance

7. Monument Rocks

monument rocks

The Monument Rocks are known for their unusual and striking appearance, with tall, spire-like formations rising out of the ground. The rocks are made up of a type of sedimentary rock called chalk, which is a soft, porous rock that is formed from the shells and skeletons of marine organisms.

The size of the Monument Rocks can vary, with some of the formations reaching heights of up to 70 feet or more. The rocks are spread out over an area of around 800 acres, and they are located on private land, with access to the site controlled by the landowner. The Monument Rocks are a unique and beautiful natural feature and are an important part of the cultural and natural history of western Kansas.

8. Half the Standard Depth of Scuba Diving

scuba diving

Scuba diving can be done in a variety of depths, depending on the specific conditions and the experience and training of the diver.

In general, recreational scuba diving is typically done at depths of up to 130 feet. This depth is known as the recreational dive limit and is considered to be a safe limitation for most divers.

Half of this depth, 65 feet, is slightly smaller than 70 feet.

Although some divers may choose to dive deeper. Diving at these depths requires specialized training and equipment, and it is important for divers to have a good understanding of the risks and hazards associated with deeper diving.

9. Half The Length of a Ha’Penny Bridge

Ha’Penny Bridge

The Ha’Penny Bridge is an iron footbridge that was completed in 1816. It is one of the oldest bridges in Dublin and is an important part of the city’s history and culture.

The bridge is about 141 feet long and is supported by a series of iron arches that span the river. The bridge is divided into two sections, with each section measuring about 70 feet in length.

The Ha’Penny Bridge is a relatively short bridge, and it is often used by pedestrians and tourists as a way to cross the River Liffey.

10. Half the Height of the Statue of Liberty

statue of liberty

The Statue of Liberty is an iconic symbol of the United States, and it is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. The statue is located on Liberty Island in New York Harbor and stands 151 feet tall, including its base. The statue itself is about 93 feet tall, and it sits on a pedestal that is about 47 feet tall.

So half the height of the Statue of Liberty would be approximately 75.5 feet tall. Which is just 5.5 feet taller than 70 feet.


From the examples above, it is clear that a width or length of 70 feet can be found in many places in the world. Airport runways, badminton courts, the Statue of Liberty, two school buses, Monument Rocks, seven-story buildings, and even the Ha’Penny Bridge all measure at least 70 feet in width or length. Whether for travel, sports, entertainment, or sightseeing purposes, 70 feet is a common measurement that is used in many places. Knowing this information can help us understand the size of spaces and structures better and appreciate their grandeur. Overall, 70 feet is a surprisingly versatile measurement.

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