11 Things That Are 50 Feet Long

It’s surprising to discover that very few items are precisely 50 feet long. Although some may come close, none of them are exact. In this article, I’ll share with you a list of 11 things that are 50 feet long or close to this.

From a bowling lane to a blue whale, these giant items will surely amaze you! Let’s explore the world of things that are 50 feet long!

To put this into perspective, 50 feet translates to 600 inches or 15.24 meters. This may seem like a lot of space, but it’s actually much less than you think!

1. Semi-Truck trailer

Semi-Truck trailer things that are 50 feet long

The next time you observe a semi-truck on the highway, it’s likely transporting either a 48-foot or 53-foot trailer. These sizes are the standard for most areas, with the 53-foot trailers being the most widely used.

The total length of a semi-truck, if the cab is included, is around 70 feet. This measurement does not include the trailer – only the cab itself.

2. Hollywood sign

Hollywood sign things that are 50 feet long

The Hollywood sign, located in California, USA, has become a world-famous landmark since its construction in 1923. Initially intended to be a temporary advertisement, it soon became so popular that it is still standing today.

The letters of the sign are a colossal size, measuring 45 feet (or 13.7 meters) long each. This impressive size has piqued the curiosity of many people around the world. *

If you laid out the letters of the alphabet side-by-side, they would stretch a total of 405 feet in length.

3. Measuring Tap

Measuring Tap things that are 50 feet long

A tape measure is a popular tool used to determine the size or length of an object. Often referred to as a measuring tape, these flexible rulers come in various qualities, each with different features. The better quality models may include additional features such as a handle for easy use and improved accuracy. No matter the type, tape measures are an essential tool for measuring any size or distance accurately.

Tape measures come in different lengths, with the most popular sizes being 25 feet and 50 feet.

4. Extension cord

Extension cord things that are 50 feet long

Extension cords are an essential tool for powering electrical devices as they allow you to easily extend the reach of a cord and plug it into outlets that may not be close by. Available in multiple lengths, from one foot up to 100 feet.

Extension cords come in various sizes, ranging from 2.5 feet to 50 feet long. The 50-foot size is one of the most popular because it is versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is also widely available from hardware stores.

4. Fishing boat

Fishing boats come in a wide range of sizes, usually ranging between 26 to 100 feet in length. The most common size is around 50 feet long, making them ideal for fishing trips and other recreational activities. Fishing boats are easily recognizable by their specific design and purpose – they are specifically designed for fishing!

Fishing boats are distinguished from other types of vessels by their specialized design and purpose. Primarily used for commercial or recreational fishing, these boats are equipped with the necessary gear to catch a variety of fish such as tuna, cod, and halibut.

Additionally, they may be used for different methods of fishing such as trolling or trawling.

5. Three large SUV’s

If you’re curious to get an idea of what a 50-foot length looks like, consider lining up three large SUVs such as the Ford Expedition which is around 16.66 feet long. This should give you a good sense of size comparison.

All together, three Ford Expeditions would measure around 50 feet in length, which is the same as 600 inches.

6. Garden hose

A garden hose is a long, flexible tube that is designed for watering plants and gardens. It can be used to transport water from a spigot or water source to wherever it is needed in the garden.

Garden hoses are generally made from rubber, PVC, or polyurethane, and range in size from 1 inch to 6 inches (2.5–15 cm) in diameter. The most common type of hose is rubber tubing, which is commonly found in diameters from 2 to 4 inches (5–10 cm). These hoses are flexible, durable, and easy to use in a variety of settings.

Garden hoses are available in a range of lengths, from 25 feet to 100 feet. Most people opt for a 50-foot hose as it is an ideal length for reaching most gardens around the house without being too long.

7. Yew Tree

 Yew Tree

An adult yew tree can serve as a great guide to help you visualize what 50 feet of height looks like. Typically, these trees range in size from 35 to 60 feet but will usually reach an average height of 50 feet.

8. A five Story Building

If you need a reference for what 50 feet looks like, take a look at any 5 story building. Typically, each floor of a residential building measures 10 feet in height, so a 5 story building will be around 50 feet tall. Bear in mind that not every 5 story building is exactly 50 feet, but this gives you a rough idea.

Office and commercial buildings usually have higher ceilings, making them unsuitable for use as an example of 50 feet.

9. Dog tie out

A dog tie-out is a great way to keep your pup safe and secure when you are away from home. It’s ideal for keeping them in your yard and preventing them from running away. It’s also convenient for camping trips or a day at the park, as it provides your pet with some freedom to explore while still keeping them safe.

Dog tie-outs are a popular way of providing outdoor containment for dogs. However, it is important to note that they can contribute to negative behavior patterns and aggression in some dogs. For this reason, many people choose not to use tie-outs. When selecting a dog tie-out, it is important to choose the right size for your dog; a 50-foot length is usually sufficient.

10. 3 Parking spaces

parking spaces

The size of a standard parking space can vary depending on where it is located. For example, parking spaces at shopping malls, airports and underground parkades may all differ in size. It is important to be aware of the specific dimensions when looking for a place to park.

The size of a parking space for medium to large vehicles is typically between 16-18 feet. To get an idea of scale, if you line up three of these spaces together, they would span approximately 50 feet in total.

11. Five alligators

Five adult female alligators, arranged from tail to jaw, would stretch a combined length of approximately 50 feet. On average, the size of an adult female alligator ranges from 8 to 15 feet long. Therefore, the sum total of five such creatures would create a distance that is equal to 5 times this length.

Visualizing this is a much more efficient and safer way to comprehend the length of five alligators, rather than actually attempting to obtain and arrange them!

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