How Long Is 200 Meters? Things That Are 200 Meters Long

Have you ever wondered just how long 200 meters really is? It’s a distance that can be hard to comprehend on its own, especially when you consider it in relation to things we encounter in our everyday lives. But understanding what 200 meters look like and what objects this length can be compared to can help us appreciate the scale of the world around us. From towering buildings to massive bridges, there are countless structures and objects that are 200 meters or longer. 

200 meters is approximately equal to 656 feet or 219 yards.

This blog post explores some of the most impressive and jaw-dropping examples to give you a new perspective on this seemingly small distance. So buckle up and get ready to be amazed by the incredible things that are 200 meters long!

List of things that are 200 meters long

  • Two Soccer Pitches
  • Main Tower Frankfurt 
  • 4 Olympic-sized swimming pool
  • Cable-Stayed Bridge
  • A 200-Meter Dash 
  • Turning Torso, Malmö Sweden
  • Two Big Bens
  • Cruise Ship
  • Montparnasse Tower
  • 33 Pickup Trucks

Two Soccer Pitches

soccer piches

The length of a standard soccer pitch is between 100 meters to 130 meters (110-142 yards) and the width is between 50 meters to 100 meters (55-110 yards). Therefore, the total length of two soccer pitches would be between 200-260 meters (220-284 yards).

Main Tower Frankfurt 

main tower frankfurt

The Main Tower Frankfurt is a skyscraper located in Frankfurt, Germany. It is 200 meters (656 ft) tall and has 56 floors. It is primarily used as an office building and is renowned for its observation deck, offering unparalleled city views.

4 Olympic-Sized Swimming Pool


A standard Olympic-sized swimming pool is 50 meters long, 25 meters wide, and at least 2 meters deep. So, four Olympic-sized swimming pools would have a length of 200 meters.

 These pools are used in international competitions such as the Olympics and are designed to meet specific standards to ensure fair competition.

Cable-Stayed Bridge

cable-stayed bridge

The cables are attached to the deck at various intervals to provide stability. The length of a cable-stayed bridge can vary depending on the span of the bridge but can range from 200 meters to over 1,000 meters in length.

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A 200-Meter Dash 

200-meter dash

The 200-meter dash is a track and field event involving sprinting 200 meters (656 feet or approximately 1/8 of a mile) in a straight line. 

It is one of the most popular sprint events and is usually completed within 19 to 20 seconds by elite male athletes and within 21 to 23 seconds by elite female athletes. 

The world record for the men’s 200-meter dash is currently held by Usain Bolt with a time of 19.19 seconds, while the women’s world record is held by Florence Griffith-Joyner with a time of 21.34 seconds.

Turning Torso, Malmö Sweden

turning torso

The Turning Torso is a residential building located in Malmö, Sweden. It was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and completed in 2005. 

The building is 190 meters tall and consists of nine segments, each rotating slightly around a central core. Which is not precisely 200 meters but gives you a great visual example of something 200 meters long.

Two Big Bens

big bens

The iconic tower, also known as the Elizabeth Tower, located at the Palace of Westminster in London, stands at a height of 96 meters (315 feet). 

Therefore, If you combine the height of two Big Bens it would be 192 meters (630 feet). Which is just 8 meters shy of 200 meters but it is a good example of 200 meters long thing.

Cruise Ship

cruise ship

A cruise ship is a large passenger ship that is designed for leisure voyages. It offers a wide range of amenities and facilities to its passengers, such as restaurants, swimming pools, theaters, and bars.

The length of a typical cruise ship can vary depending on the size and capacity of the vessel. However, most modern cruise ships are between 200 and 300 meters long. Some of the largest ships can even measure up to 400 meters in length.

Montparnasse Tower

Montparnasse tower

Montparnasse Tower is a skyscraper located in the Montparnasse area of Paris, France. It was built in 1973 and stands at a height of 210 meters (689 feet) with 59 floors. This is a length of approximately 10 meters long from 200 meters.

33 Pickup Trucks

pickup truck

When you’re thinking about the length of a pickup truck, you should know that it can vary depending on the model you’re looking at. 

However, on average, most pickup trucks are under 20 feet long. That’s about six meters if you prefer the metric system. 

To get a clear picture of the length, just imagine lining up 33 average-length pickup trucks. That would get you to about 200 meters, which is quite a distance! So next time you’re trying to visualize that length, just picture a long street with all those pickups lined up.


What is 200m long?

200m is a measurement of distance or length. It is equivalent to 656.168 feet or 218.722 yards.

How many footsteps is 200 meters?

The number of footsteps it takes to cover 200 meters depends on the stride length of the person walking. On average, a person takes about 1.5 to 2 steps per meter, so it would take approximately 300 to 400 steps to cover 200 meters.

How deep is 200m?

200m is a measurement of depth or distance. It could refer to the depth of a body of water, a well, or a hole. It is equivalent to approximately 656.168 feet or 218.722 yards.

What is 200m in track?

In track and field, 200m is an event in which athletes run one lap around a standard outdoor track, which measures 400 meters in total. The 200m sprint is a popular event in both individual and relay competitions.

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