What Are The Anklet Sizes? Complete Guide

Are you tired of guessing your ankle size and ending up with wrongly sized anklets that never fit quite right? Or are you tired of struggling to find an anklet that fits your curvy ankles just right? The solution to all your anklet-related woes is knowing the exact size of your ankle. Anklet sizes can seem insignificant but they play a crucial role in ensuring that the anklet sits comfortably on your ankle and enhances your outfit.

The measurements of these anklets differ, with the small variant spanning from 8 to 9 inches, the medium size ranging between 9 and 10 inches, and the large size extending from 10 to 12 inches.

In this blog post, I will be discussing what anklet sizes are and why they matter in creating a flawless look. So, let’s dive in and get your anklet game on point!

Standard Anklet Sizes

When looking for an anklet online, you will probably find that there are three common sizes available.

SizeLength Range (inches)

What Is Anklet?

An anklet is a stylish accessory that is worn around the ankle, much like a bracelet on the wrist. It adds a touch of glamour to your feet, making them look chic and elegant. This versatile piece of jewelry comes in various styles, from delicate and simple designs to bold and elaborate ones, making it a must-have item in any fashion-savvy person’s collection.

Measurement Methods


Foot Measurement:

To determine the correct anklet size, you can start by measuring your ankle using a measuring tape or a string. Follow these step-by-step instructions for accurate measurement:

  • Wrap a measuring tape around the narrowest part of your ankle, just above the ankle bone.
  • If you’re using a string, wrap it around your ankle and mark the point where it overlaps.
  • If you’re using a string, measure the length between the marked point and the end of the string using a ruler. This measurement will give you the circumference of your ankle.
  • Note down the measurement in inches or centimeters, depending on your preference, as it will be useful for determining the appropriate anklet size.
  • Remember that some anklet designs, such as adjustable anklets, may have different size recommendations. In these cases, you may need to measure your ankle in a slightly different way or follow specific guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Standard Sizing:

Anklets are often available in standard size ranges that correspond to small, medium, and large. While the exact measurements may vary slightly among different brands and designers, the following general size categories can help guide you:

  1. Small: Typically fits anklets with a circumference of approximately 8-9 inches (20-23 cm). This size is suitable for individuals with slimmer ankles or those who prefer a daintier look.
  2. Medium: Usually designed for anklets with a circumference of about 9-10 inches (23-25 cm). This site is the most common and tends to fit various ankle sizes.
  3. Large: Generally recommended for anklets with a circumference of around 10-11 inches (25-28 cm). This size is ideal for individuals with larger ankles or who prefer a more substantial and noticeable anklet.

It’s important to note that sizing conventions may vary based on regional or cultural preferences. For instance, in some cultures, anklets are traditionally worn slightly looser, allowing them to move freely around the ankle. Therefore, it’s worth considering any specific variations in sizing conventions if you have a particular cultural or regional connection to anklet wearing.

Which Foot Is More Suitable For Wearing Anklet? 


Traditionally, anklets are worn on the left ankle in many cultures, including in Indian and Middle Eastern traditions. In these cultures, it is believed that the left side of the body represents the receiving side, and wearing an anklet on the left ankle may attract positive energy, prosperity, and good luck.

However, in modern Western fashion, anklets can be worn on either ankle, depending on personal preference and style. Some people may choose to wear the anklet on their right ankle as a fashion statement or simply because they prefer it.

Ultimately, there is no hard and fast rule about which ankle to wear an anklet on. It’s entirely up to personal preference, so wear your anklet on whichever ankle feels most comfortable and stylish to you.

Is It Possible To Wear a Toe Ring And Anklet Together?

Yes, you can definitely wear an anklet and toe ring together! In fact, pairing an anklet with a toe ring can create a stylish and cohesive look for your feet.

It’s also a good idea to think about the colors and materials of your anklet and toe ring. Try to coordinate the colors and textures to create a cohesive look. For example, if your anklet has silver or gold tones, consider pairing it with a toe ring in matching metal.

Wearing an anklet and toe ring together is all about creating a fun and stylish look that expresses your personal taste and style. So don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with it!

What are the Anklet Types?

When it comes to anklets, there is a wide variety of styles to choose from, each with its unique considerations for sizing. Here are some specific considerations for different anklet types:

Chain Anklets:

  • Chain anklets are a classic and versatile choice. They are typically made of interconnected links.
  • Consider the thickness of the chain when determining the size. Thicker chains may require a slightly larger anklet size to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Some chain anklets come with extender chains, which allow for size adjustments. These extenders can add an extra inch or so to the overall length, giving you flexibility in sizing.

Charm Anklets:

  • Charm anklets feature decorative charms or pendants attached to a chain or cord.
  • Take into account the length and weight of the charms when selecting the anklet size. Charms that hang down may require a longer anklet to ensure they dangle properly.
  • If the charm anklet has an adjustable closure, you can easily customize the size to fit your ankle comfortably.

Beaded Anklets:

  • Beaded anklets are adorned with various beads, including gemstones, crystals, or seed beads.
  • Consider the size and weight of the beads. Larger or heavier beads may affect the fit, so you may need a slightly larger anklet size.
  • Elastic or stretchy beaded anklets are often one-size-fits-all and can accommodate a range of ankle sizes.

Anklets with Extender Chains or Adjustable Closures:

  • Some anklets feature extender chains or adjustable closures, allowing for size adjustments.
  • If your anklet has an extender chain, you can increase or decrease the length by attaching the clasp to a different link.
  • Anklets with adjustable closures often have multiple loops or sliding knots that allow you to customize the size by securing the clasp at different points.
  • These anklets offer flexibility and are suitable for individuals who prefer a more adjustable fit.


What size is a standard anklet?

Anklets typically come in various sizes, ranging from small to large. However, there is no universally standardized size for anklets. The size of a standard anklet can vary based on personal preference, design, and the brand or manufacturer. Some anklets are adjustable, allowing for a customizable fit, while others may have specific length measurements.

Do anklets have sizes?

Yes, anklets do come in different sizes to accommodate various ankle sizes and preferences. They can be found in small, medium, large, or even extra-large sizes.

How long is an anklet in CM?

The length of an anklet can vary depending on the style, design, and intended fit. Anklets are typically measured in inches or centimeters. Common lengths for anklets range from around 20 cm (8 inches) to 30 cm (12 inches), but again, this can vary. To determine the specific length of an anklet, it is best to refer to the product description or consult with the manufacturer or seller for accurate measurements.

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