Things That Are 1 Yard Long (13 Common Examples)

Although feet and inches are more commonly used for measurement, yards can also be a useful unit of measurement for certain items. Both the British and US measurement systems recognize a yard as a unit of length.

Here are some examples of things that are 1 yard long, in case you’re interested in learning about them. 

A yard is equivalent to 3 feet or 36 inches in length.

1. Yardstick


A yardstick is a measuring tool that is one yard long and is commonly used for measuring and drawing straight lines. 

It typically has markings or gradations along its length to indicate smaller units of measure, such as feet and inches. 

Yardsticks are often made of wood, plastic, or metal, and are useful tools for a variety of applications, from sewing and crafting to construction and home improvement projects.

2. Adult Walking Step


An adult walking step typically refers to the average stride length of an adult while walking, which is approximately 3 feet, or 1 yard.

One of the best ways to measure something that is larger is by using adult human steps.

3. Total Length of 3 Letter Papers

paper Sheets

Letter paper is a standard size of paper used in the United States and other countries. The dimensions of the letter paper are 8.5 inches by 11 inches.

Assuming you are asking for the total length of three sheets of letter paper:

Arranging three sheets of letter paper end to end lengthwise in a row will yield an overall length of 33 inches, which is only 3 inches shorter than 1 yard.

If you’re looking to make up the remaining 3 inches to reach a full yard, you may find my guide on “things that are 3 inches long” to be helpful.

4. Width of a Door


The standard width of a residential interior door in the United States is typically 80 inches in height x 36 inches in width.

The width of the door is approximately 3 feet or 1 meter, which is equivalent to 1 yard.

The width of a doorway can be a helpful visual representation of a length that is equal to 1 yard.

5. Football Yard Marking

american football field

Football yard marking is a system of marking yards on a football field to measure the progress of the offense and defense.

Small white lines that are spaced precisely 1 yard apart from each other. These lines, commonly known as yard lines or yard markers,

One notable fact about a football field is that it measures 100 yards in length, with 98 white one-yard lines running the entire length of the field.

6. Three 1-Foot Rulers


A ruler is a flat, straight tool used for measuring length or distance. The length of a standard ruler is typically 12 inches or 1 foot.

Assuming the total length of three standard rulers placed end to end lengthwise is 36 inches or 3 feet, which is approximately 1 yard.

7. Half of A Full-Size Mattress


The dimensions of a full-size mattress are typically 54 inches in width and 75 inches in length. 

Therefore, half of a full-size mattress length would be approximately 37.5 inches. Which is just 1.5 inches longer than 1 yard or 36 inches. 

But it can give you a good idea that how long one yard is.

8. Golf Club

Golf Club

A golf club is a tool used to hit a golf ball in the game of golf. Golf clubs come in many varieties, each with a unique design and purpose, such as drivers, irons, and putters.

The length of a golf club can vary depending on the type of club, with drivers typically being at around 36 inches or 1 yard, and putters being the shortest at around 33 inches or 0.92 yards.

9. Five Pencils


A pencil is a writing tool typically made of wood with a graphite core. The length of a standard pencil is approximately 7 inches.

Assuming the total length of five standard pencils, it would be approximately 35 inches or 0.97 yards. Which is just 1 inch shy of 1 yard.

But it can give you a good idea about 1-yard-long things. You can add the remaining 1 inch to the total length from the things that are 1 inch long.

10. Six Box Cutter Knives


A box cutter knife, also known as a utility knife, is a small cutting tool with a retractable blade used for cutting various materials such as cardboard, paper, and plastic.

The length of a typical box cutter knife is around 6 inches.

Assuming the total length of six box cutter knives, it would be approximately 36 inches or 1 yard.

11. Guitar


The length of a guitar can vary depending on the type of guitar, with the most common type being the acoustic guitar, which is typically around 36 to 42 inches in length from the bottom of the body to the end of the headstock.

So, a normal medium-sized guitar would be around 1 yard in length.

12. Baseball Bat

Baseball Bat

A baseball bat is a smooth wooden or metal club used to hit a baseball during a game of baseball. The length of a baseball bat can vary depending on the type of bat, with the most common length being between 34 inches. Which is just 2 inches shy of 1 yard. You can add the remaining 2 inches by using any of these 2 inches long things.

13. Waist to Toe Length of an Adult

The waist-to-toe length of an adult can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, such as their height, build, and the length of their legs.

In general, the waist-to-toe length of an adult is likely to be 36 to 38 inches, which is very close to 1 yard.


What are some things that are 1 yard?

A standard American football field is 100 yards long, so 1 yard is a small fraction of the total length.
A typical adult stride is approximately 1 yard, so when you take a step, you cover about 1 yard of distance.

What would I measure in yards?

Length or distance: Yards are commonly used to measure the length of large outdoor areas, such as sports fields, race tracks, or construction sites.
Fabric: Yards are often used to measure the length of fabric for sewing or crafting projects.
Land: Yards can be used to measure the size or dimensions of a plot of land.

What is one yard tall?

One yard is equivalent to 36 inches or approximately 91.44 centimeters. Therefore, something that is one yard tall would be about the height of a small child or a standard-sized dog.

How much is a 1 yard of fabric?

The price of 1 yard of fabric can vary significantly depending on factors such as the type of fabric, its quality, and the location of purchase. It is common to find fabric priced anywhere from a few dollars to several tens of dollars per yard.

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