What Are the M&M Bag Sizes? A Comprehensive Guide

Are you an M&M lover? Do you find yourself lost in the sea of different M&M bag sizes when you’re at the grocery store? Well, fear no more! Whether you’re looking for a small snack or a large treat, this blog post will guide you through the various M&M bag sizes and help you navigate your way to chocolate heaven. Stay tuned for a breakdown of the different sizes and a comparison of each bag’s number of M&M’s.

M&Ms are packaged in a diverse range of bag sizes. The smallest bag weighs in at 0.75 ounces, while the largest bag is a whopping 62 ounces, perfect for large gatherings. However, the most prevalent bag size among M&M lovers is the 1.69-ounce bag.

Standard M&M Bag Sizes

M&M Bag

Standard M&M bags come in a variety of sizes, from small individual packs to larger bags that are meant for sharing. The most common sizes and weights are:

Fun Size:

This is the smallest size of M&M bags, generally sold in packages containing 10 to 15 pieces. The weight of the bag is usually around 0.5 to 1 ounce, and the number of servings per bag is 1 or 2.

Snack Size:

This is a slightly larger size of M&M bag, containing between 0.8 and 1.6 ounces of candy. The number of servings per bag is usually 2 to 4.

Share Size:

This is a larger bag of M&Ms, intended for sharing between two or more people. It typically contains between 2 and 3.5 ounces of candy, and the number of servings per bag is usually 3 to 5.

Family Size:

This is the largest size of M&M bags, usually containing 8 to 11 ounces of candy. The number of servings per bag is typically 11 to 16.

Here is the list of all M&M bag sizes from 0.75 to 62 ounces:

0.75 ounces
1.35 ounces
1.69 ounces
1.74 ounces
1.77 ounces
2.83 ounces
3.1 ounces
3.14 ounces
3.27 ounces
7 ounces
7.4 ounces
8 ounces
8.3 ounces
9.05 ounces
9.3 ounces
9.6 ounces
10 ounces
10.1 ounces
10.53 ounces
10.57 ounces
10.7 ounces
15.4 ounces
15.9 ounces
17.16 ounces
17.24 ounces
18 ounces
18.4 ounces
19.2 ounces
30.58 ounces
34 ounces
38 ounces
42 ounces
62 ounces

Limited-Edition M&M Bag Sizes


These special bags are known for featuring unique flavors and packaging that separates them from the standard M&M offerings.

One example of a limited-edition M&M bag size is the M&M’s White Chocolate Peanut bag, which was released in 2018. This bag featured a fusion of the classic peanut M&M’s with creamy white chocolate, creating a unique, indulgent taste experience.

Another limited-edition bag size that garnered much attention was M&M’s Flavor Vote campaign. In this campaign, consumers were asked to vote on three new M&M flavors: Crunchy Espresso, Crunchy Raspberry, and Crunchy Mint. The winning flavor, Crunchy Mint, was then released in a limited-edition bag size, which featured a sleek black packaging design.

Limited-edition M&M bag sizes are often decorated with vibrant and eye-catching graphics and designs that help to set them apart from other candies on store shelves. These designs can vary from holiday-themed packaging to special collaborations with popular brands or artists.

What Is The Average Number of M&Ms In A Bag?

What Is The Average Number of M&Ms In A Bag

The number of M&Ms present in a bag can differ depending on the bag size. Nevertheless, a typical 7-ounce M&M bag typically contains around 210 pieces of candy. This means that each M&M in the bag weighs approximately 0.033 ounces, assuming that they are standard-sized M&Ms that measure around 1.04 centimeters in width. 

M&Ms Types

M&M types

M&M’s are a type of candy-coated chocolate pieces that are available in a variety of colors and flavors. Here are some of the different types of M&M’s:

  1. Milk Chocolate M&M’s: Since 1941, these have been a classic M&M. The candy shell is covered with a milk chocolate center.
  2. Peanut M&M’s: These M&M’s have a peanut center surrounded by a candy shell. One of the most popular varieties, they were introduced in 1954.
  3. Peanut Butter M&M’s: Peanut butter molded into a candy shell surrounds a creamy peanut butter filling. In 2011, they were introduced for the first time.
  4. Almond M&M’s: A candied shell surrounds an almond center. A popular choice for those who enjoy chocolate and nuts, they were first introduced in 1988.
  5. Dark Chocolate M&M’s: A dark chocolate center is surrounded by a candy shell. They were introduced in 2006 and are good choices for chocolate lovers who prefer a richer, more intense taste.
  6. Crispy M&M’s: These M&M’s have a crispy rice center surrounded by a candy shell. They were first introduced in 1999 and are a popular choice for those who enjoy a crunchy texture.
  7. Pretzel M&M’s: The pretzel center of these M&M’s is covered in a candy shell. A salty-sweet combination, they were introduced in 2010 and are a good choice for salty-sweet lovers.
  8. Caramel M&M’s: These candy-coated M&M’s have a chewy caramel center. A rich, buttery flavor makes them a popular choice for those who enjoy rich foods.
  9. Hazelnut Spread M&M’s: Covered in a candy shell, these M&M’s have a creamy hazelnut spread center. These hazelnut and chocolate cookies were first introduced in 2019 and are a good choice if you like hazelnuts and chocolate.
  10. Fudge Brownie M&M’s: A fudgy brownie center is encased in a candy shell. They were first introduced in 2020 and are a good choice for those who enjoy the rich, chocolatey flavor of brownies.

Tips for Choosing the Right Bag Size

When it comes to buying an M&M bag, especially in bulk, choosing the right size is crucial. It can be easy to get excited about a sale or great deal and purchase a large bag, only to have it go stale or uneaten. On the other hand, picking a smaller bag might leave you with rationing M&M’s among guests or family members. Here are some tips to help you choose the right size of M&M bag for your needs:

  1. Consider the number of people who will be consuming the candy. If you are buying for yourself, a small bag may suffice. But if you plan to share amongst many people, a larger size would be practical.
  2. Determine the occasion or purpose of the purchase. Will it be for personal consumption, a party, or a gift? For personal consumption, you might want a small bag that can fit into a pocket or purse. However, for a party, a larger bag would be better as it can fit everyone’s preferences.
  3. Think about personal preferences when it comes to portion control. If you tend to have self-control issues with M&M’s, then purchasing smaller bags might be beneficial. It can help you limit your snacking while still satisfying cravings.
  4. Explore bulk purchasing options. Bulk bags are usually cheaper per unit of candy than purchasing individual bags. When buying in bulk, you can save money and ensure that you have enough M&M’s for whenever you need them. This option works best especially for holiday seasons or special events such as weddings and birthdays.
  5. Remain aware of sales. Sometimes, smaller bags might be a bit cheaper than larger bags, and vice versa. Keep your eyes open for sales or discounts that can help you save a significant sum of money.


How big is a regular bag of M&Ms?

The size of a regular bag of M&Ms can vary, but the most common size is 1.69 ounces (48 grams). However, larger bags are also available.

What is the size of an M&M?

The size of an individual M&M is around 0.7-0.8 cm in diameter.

How many M&M’s are in a large bag?

The number of M&Ms in a large bag also varies, but the most common size is around 20 ounces (567 grams), which contains roughly 450-500 individual pieces.

How big is a small bag of M&Ms?

The size of a small bag of M&Ms can vary as well, but the most common size is 1.08 ounces (31 grams), which contains roughly 24-28 individual pieces.

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