14 Common Items That Weigh 500 Grams

To understand mass, 500 grams is a good reference point. This metric weight can be used to compare the weights of different items.

This universal standard makes it easy to compare measurements across countries since 500 grams weigh just over one pound.

These are some things that weigh about 500 grams:

1. Football


A soccer ball is usually made from leather or synthetic material and inflated with air. Size 5 is the official size and weight for soccer balls. They should weigh between 420 and 450 grams and have a circumference of 68 to 70 cm (27 to 28 inches when inflated).

Which is very close to 500 grams. The ball has 32 panels, usually made out of leather or synthetic material. Players kick the ball into the opposing team’s goal to score goals.

2. Chinchilla, Hamster, Or Kitten

A Chinchilla is a small rodent native to the Andes mountains in South America. They are known for their soft, thick fur, which is prized for clothing and accessories. Chinchillas are also popular as household pets, due to their playful and curious nature. They can live up to 10 years in captivity.

Chinchillas typically weigh between 450 and 550 grams, with an average of 500 grams. This can vary slightly depending on the animal’s diet and age.

A hamster’s weight can vary depending on the breed, age, and diet of the animal. On average, a single hamster weighs 250 grams, with some breeds weighing 500 grams. Female hamsters tend to be slightly heavier than their male counterparts, typically weighing around 500 grams each.

At around one month of age, kittens weigh approximately 500 grams. This can differ by a few grams depending on the individual.

Holding one of these soft and cuddly animals can give you an idea of what 500 grams feel like in your hand.

3. 500ml Water

water bottle

Since water has a density of 1 gram per milliliter at room temperature, 500 milliliters of water weigh about 500 grams. The weight can change a little depending on the water’s temperature, since the density of a liquid changes with temperature.

4. A Common Sized Loaf of Bread

Loaf of Bread

The average weight of a loaf of bread is 500 grams, but this varies depending on the type and ingredients. Different types may contain heavier or lighter ingredients or be shaped differently, resulting in a different weight.

It’s common for sourdough loaves to be heavier because of the fermentation process, while white bread loaves may be lighter. Some loaves, like specialty bread, can weigh up to 2 pounds (900 grams).

5. Standard Salad Dressing Bottle

salad dressing bottle

A standard bottle of salad dressing has a capacity of 16 fluid ounces, which is equivalent to 1 pound. The total weight of the bottle and its contents is approximately 500 grams.

Holding a bottle of dressing in your hand is an effective way to get a sense of what 500 grams feels like.

Salad dressings come in a variety of flavors such as ranch, vinaigrette, Caesar, Thousand Island, and many more. They can be made at home or store-bought.

6. A Beef Package

beef package

A package of beef refers to a package of meat that is cut and packaged for sale, typically in a grocery store or butcher shop.

The weight of a package of beef can vary depending on the cut of meat and the packaging method. For example, a package of ground beef may weigh 1 pound (450 grams), while a package of steaks may weigh 2-3 pounds (900-1350 grams).

But the average weight of a beef package is about 500 grams including the weight of packaging and stickers.

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7. Medium Sized 4 Bananas

Things That Are 8 Inches Long

The average weight of 7 to 8 inches long bananas is around 120 grams. This means the total weight of 4 bananas would be around 500 grams.

However, this can vary depending on the variety of the banana, as different varieties can have slightly different weights. Bananas are a type of fruit that grows in clusters and is typically picked green and then ripen over time.

8. 2 Skeins of Yarn

skiens of yarn

The yarn comes in various forms, from hanks and skeins to balls and cones, but they are all sold by weight.

A lot of crafters choose to measure their yarn in skeins to ensure they have the right amount of yarn.

In two large skeins, you can find about 500 grams of yarn, depending on the thickness and construction material used.

Several factors can affect how much a skein of yarn weighs, including the type and thickness of the yarn, the size of the skein, and the label.

You can get a better sense of the size and weight of 500 grams using two skeins of yarn.

9. Ten Medium Sized Eggs

ten medium-sized egg

The weight of 10 medium eggs is about 1 pound (450 grams) or close to 500 grams. However, this can vary depending on the size of the eggs, as eggs come in different sizes such as small, medium, large, and extra-large.

On average, one medium-sized egg weighs about 45 to 50 grams, so 10 medium eggs would weigh around 450 to 500 grams. This is just an approximation and the weight of the eggs can vary depending on the source and other factors.

10. One Standard Butter Package

butter package

A typical package of butter sold in the US contains four sticks, each weighing one-quarter of a pound. Together, the four sticks of butter add up to one pound.

When calculating the total weight of a package containing 500 sticks, be sure to account for the wrapping around each stick and the weight of the package itself.

11. 100 Nickels


The weight of 100 nickels in grams is approximately 500 grams. Each nickel coin weighs approximately 5 grams so 100 nickels would weigh 500 grams. However, this weight can vary slightly due to slight variations in the coin production process.

12. Hardcover Book

hardcover book

The weight of a hardcover book can vary depending on the size and thickness of the book, but a standard hardcover book weighs around 1-2 pounds (450-900 grams), so the average weight of a hardcover book is around 500 grams.

The book’s spine is covered with cloth or paper and the cover can be glossy or matte finish. Hardcover books are often used for novels, non-fiction books, and reference books because they are more durable than paperbacks.

Paperback books can have a significant weight, even without having a hardcover. Many of these books with high pagination tend to weigh up to 500 grams.

13. One Piece Women’s Shoe

women shoe

The weight of one women’s shoe can vary depending on the type of shoe, the size, and the materials used to make it. On average, a woman’s shoe can weigh around 1 pound or 500 grams, but it can vary widely depending on the design and materials. For example, a pair of running shoes or sneakers will be lighter than a pair of boots or high heels, which might be made of leather, suede, or other materials.

14. Size 5 Basketball


Basketballs are available in standard sizes to ensure fairness in the game. Each level of team plays with a different size ball, with Size 5 being the standard size used for youth teams in the United States. The number associated with each ball indicates its size.

The size 5 basketball is slightly lighter than the desired weight of 500 grams, weighing between 465 to 495 grams. For a ball used in women’s basketball, size 6 is the next up.


What objects weigh 500g?

Objects that weigh approximately 500g include:
A standard paperback book
A small laptop or tablet
A bag of sugar or flour
A small water bottle

How much does 500 g weigh?

500 grams weigh exactly 500 grams. Grams are a unit of weight, so if something weighs 500 grams, that is its weight.

What can I use for the 500g calibration weight?

If you are looking for a calibration weight of 500g, you can use various objects or materials depending on their accuracy requirements. Some options include:
A small dumbbell or weight plate designed for fitness purposes
A metal or ceramic kitchen scale calibration weight
A specific calibration weight designed for laboratory or industrial use
A combination of smaller weights that add up to 500g, such as coins or small metal objects

How many coins weigh 500 grams?

The number of coins that weigh exactly 500 grams would depend on the denomination and the country of origin. Different coins have different weights. For example, in the United States, a standard quarter weighs approximately 5.67 grams. Therefore, you would need approximately 88 US quarters to reach a total weight of 500 grams.

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