How Much Does a Softball Weigh?

Softball is a popular sport played all over the world. It is a game that requires skill, precision, and accuracy. However, to play softball, you need the right equipment, and one of the most critical pieces is the softball. 

The weight of a softball can vary depending on several factors, and in this article, I will discuss everything you need to know about how much a softball weighs.

Standard Softball Weight

The standard weight of a softball is 6.25 ounces or 177 grams. This weight is used in most softball leagues and tournaments worldwide.

Weight of softball

However, there are several factors that can affect the weight of the ball, including the type of ball, the materials used to make the ball, and the manufacturing process.

What is Softball?

Softball is a sport that is played between two teams of ten players. The game is played on a field that is smaller than a baseball field, and the bases are closer together.

The object of the game is to score more runs than the opposing team by hitting the ball and running around the bases.

Why Is A Softball Called Softball?

The term “softball” was first used in 1926 when Walter Hakanson of the YMCA in Denver, Colorado, suggested using a softer and larger ball for indoor baseball games. The ball used for this new game was larger than a baseball but softer, so it would not cause as much damage if it hit someone. 

The game was called “indoor baseball” or “mushball” until 1930 when it was officially named “softball” by the Amateur Softball Association (ASA). 

Softball Field

The name “softball” was chosen to emphasize the fact that the ball used in the game was softer than a baseball. Since then, softball has become a popular sport around the world, with millions of players competing at all levels of play.

Types of Softballs and Their Weights

There are several types of softballs, and each has a different weight. The ball’s weight can vary depending on the ball used. Here are some of the most common types of softballs and their weights:

  • Official softball: 6.25 ounces or 177 grams
  • Training softball: 12 ounces or 340 grams
  • Youth softball: 10 ounces or 284 grams
  • Slowpitch softball: 11 to 12 inches in circumference and weighs between 6.86 to 7.27 ounces or 195 to 206 grams.
  • Fastpitch softball: 11 to 12 inches in circumference and weighs between 6.25 to 7.0 ounces or 177 to 198 grams.

Softball Weight and Pitching Speed

The weight of the softball can affect the pitching speed. A heavier ball can be more challenging to pitch at high speeds, while a lighter ball can be pitched faster. 

The weight of the ball also affects the spin rate and movement of the ball, which can make it more difficult for batters to hit.

Difference Between Baseball and Softball? 

Baseball and softball are two similar yet distinct sports with several key differences.

One of the main differences between baseball and softball is the size of the ball. Softballs are larger and softer than baseballs, making them easier to hit and catch. Softballs are also pitched underhand, while baseballs are pitched overhand. The pitching distance is shorter in softball, and the pitching style is different, with the pitcher using a windmill motion to deliver the ball.

Baseball and softball

Another major difference is the size of the field. Softball fields are smaller than baseball fields, with a distance of 60 feet between each base compared to 90 feet in baseball. The outfield fence is also closer in softball, making it easier to hit home runs. The number of players on each team also differs, with softball teams having 10 players while baseball teams have 9 players.

The rules of the games also differ in various ways. For example, in baseball, stealing bases is more common, and bunting is used frequently. In softball, stealing is not as common, and bunting is not used as much.


Why is the weight of the softball important?

The weight of the softball can affect the physics of the game, pitching speed, and hitting distance.

What is the standard weight of a softball?

The standard weight of a softball is 6.25 ounces or 177 grams.

What is the average weight of a softball?

In general, the average weight of a softball is around 6.25 ounces or 177 grams. This weight is used for most regulation-size softballs used in official games.

How heavy is a 12 softball?

A 12-inch softball, which is the most common size used in slowpitch softball, typically weighs between 6.25 and 7 ounces or 177 to 198 grams.

How much does a softball weigh in grams?

To convert the weight of a softball from ounces to grams, you can use the following formula:
Grams = Ounces x 28.35
So, a softball weighing 6.25 ounces would weigh approximately 177 grams, and a softball weighing 7 ounces would weigh approximately 198 grams.

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