Bucket Hat Sizes! A Complete Guide

If you’re thinking about adding a bucket hat to your wardrobe, you’ll need to know bucket hat sizes and how they affect fit and style. 

We’ll help you find the perfect bucket hat size for your head and make an informed decision.

Why Does Size Matter?

Size matters both for comfort and style with bucket hats. You’ll get a comfortable fit and a stylish look by choosing the right size. Wearing a hat that’s too tight can be uncomfortable, and a hat that’s too loose won’t provide adequate sun protection.

Understanding Hat Sizing

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We’ll explore the different bucket hat sizes in detail below to ensure a comfortable fit for everyone.

Small Size:

  • Small bucket hats are designed to fit head circumferences up to approximately 21 inches or 54 centimeters.
  • This size is suitable for those with smaller heads or children.

Medium Size:

  • Medium bucket hats are typically crafted to fit head circumferences ranging from 22 to 22.5 inches or 56-57 centimeters.
  • This size is the most common and tends to fit the average head size for adults.

Large Size:

  • Large bucket hats are tailored to accommodate head circumferences between 23 and 23.5 inches or 58-60 centimeters.
  • This size is suitable for individuals with larger heads or those who prefer a looser fit.

Extra-Large Size:

  • Extra-large bucket hats are designed for larger head sizes with circumferences ranging from 24 inches to 25 inches or 61-63 centimeters.
  • This size is ideal for individuals with extra-large or wide heads.

Here is the table for understanding the bucket hat sizes:

SizeHead Circumference (in inches)Head Circumference (in centimeters)
SmallUp to 21Up to 54
Medium22 – 22.556 – 57
Large23 – 23.558 – 60
Extra-Large24 – 2561 – 63

Measuring Your Head

Measuring Your Head for bucket hat

To measure your head for a bucket hat, follow these simple steps:

Gather the necessary tools:

  • Flexible measuring tape
  • Prepare for measurement:
  • Find a mirror or ask someone for assistance, if needed.
  • Remove any hairstyles or head accessories that may affect the measurement.

Position the measuring tape:

  • Start by holding the measuring tape at the center of your forehead, just above your eyebrows.

Wrap the measuring tape around your head:

  • Encircle your head with the measuring tape, ensuring that it remains parallel to the ground.
  • Bring the tape around to the back of your head, covering the widest part.

Determine your head circumference:

  • Check the measurement on the tape where the end meets the starting point.
  • Note down the measurement in inches or centimeters.

Repeat for accuracy:

  • To ensure accuracy, measure your head a second time, following the same steps.
  • If both measurements match, you can proceed with that number. Otherwise, take an average of the two measurements.

Match your measurement with the bucket hat size:

  • Compare your head circumference measurement with the size chart or guide provided by the manufacturer.
  • Select the bucket hat size that corresponds to your measurement.

How Do I Know What Size Bucket Hat I Need?

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To determine the size of a bucket hat that fits you well, you can follow these steps:

Measure your head circumference: Make sure the measuring tape is level and snug, but not too tight, around the widest part of your head.

Note down the measurement: Once you have wrapped the tape around your head, read the measurement where the end of the tape overlaps.

Find the corresponding size: Different brands and manufacturers may have slightly different sizing charts, but bucket hats usually come in standard sizes like small (S), medium (M), large (L), and extra-large (XL). On the brand or retailer’s or store’s sizing chart, find the closest size based on your head circumference measurement.

Try it on or refer to the brand’s guidelines: When you buy a hat, make sure you try it on first, especially if you’re in a physical store. If you buy online, read reviews to see if the hat runs small or big.

Additional Considerations

Besides head circumference, there are a few more factors to consider when choosing the perfect bucket hat size:

  1. Depth: The depth of the hat determines how far it will sit on your head. Some individuals prefer a deeper fit, while others like a shallower look.
  2. Brim Width: Bucket hats come with varying brim widths. A wider brim provides better sun protection, but it’s essential to find a size that balances both style and functionality.
  3. Adjustability: Some bucket hats feature adjustable straps or drawstrings, allowing you to customize the fit to your liking. This flexibility can be helpful if you fall between two sizes.

Trying on and Testing

Try on your bucket hat after you’ve identified the size to make sure it fits and if anything needs to be adjusted. 

Make sure it fits comfortably and securely on your head, and if the brim covers enough.


How do I know what size bucket hat I need?

Measure the circumference of your head using a flexible measuring tape.
Place the measuring tape around your head, just above your eyebrows and ears, where the hat would typically sit.
Note down the measurement in either inches or centimeters.
Refer to the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer or retailer of the bucket hat.
Match your head circumference measurement with the corresponding hat size on the chart to determine your size.

How do you size a bucket hat pattern?

Measure the circumference of your head using a flexible measuring tape as explained in the previous answer.
Take note of the measurement.
Adjust the pattern by comparing your head circumference measurement with the measurements provided in the pattern.
Determine the pattern size that corresponds to your head circumference measurement.
Cut the fabric according to the adjusted pattern size.

What size is 62 in bucket hats?

The size “62” in bucket hats typically refers to the hat’s circumference in centimeters. Therefore, a bucket hat labeled as size 62 would have a circumference of approximately 62 centimeters. It’s important to note that sizing conventions may vary slightly between manufacturers, so it’s always advisable to refer to the specific sizing chart provided by the brand.

What size is an ML bucket hat?

The size “ML” for a bucket hat doesn’t follow a standardized measurement system. Without further context or specific information about the brand or sizing chart you’re referring to, it’s difficult to determine the exact size represented by “ML.” It’s best to consult the brand’s size guide or reach out to the manufacturer directly for clarification on their sizing conventions.

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