11 Common Things That Are 24 Inches Long

Understanding the length of 24 inches can be tricky without a visual reference. To get a better grasp, picture some common objects that are two feet in size.

Here I have listed the things that are 24 inches long.

24 inches is equivalent to 60.96 centimeters or 609.6 millimeters.

1. Two Sub Sandwiches

Two Sub Sandwiches Things That Are 24 Inches Long

The length of a sub sandwich can vary depending on the specific type of sandwich and the size of the bread used. However, it is common for sub sandwiches to be around 12 inches in length.

If you line up two sub sandwiches side by side, it will be a total of 24 inches in length.

2. A Small Tv Screen

A Small Television Screen in that Things That Are 24 Inches Long

A small television screen is a television screen that is smaller in size compared to larger screens. Small television screens are often used in bedrooms, offices, or other small spaces where a larger screen may not be practical or necessary.

The size of a small television screen can vary, but it is generally the size of small television screens are 24 inches. This is the most common size for small television screens, although there are smaller and larger options available.

3. A Woman’s Footstep

The average length of a woman’s footstep is not a fixed value and can vary depending on factors such as a person’s height, weight, and stride length.

A woman’s footstep is likely to be shorter than a man’s footstep due to differences in average height and weight between men and women.

But generally, a single woman’s stride is typically around 24 inches in length.

Women of different heights have varied stride lengths. The taller a woman is, the longer her footstep will be; whereas, a shorter woman may have a footstep that is close to 24 inches.

For adults, the average size of a man’s foot is approximately 12 inches long. Women and shorter people tend to have smaller feet than men, but using the size of a person’s foot can still be used as an approximation to estimate 24 inches.

It is important to remember that everyone’s feet can be different in size, so this estimate should not be relied on for exact measurements.

4. Yoga mat

Yoga mat

The size of a yoga mat can vary, but most yoga mats are about 24 inches wide and 68 inches long, give or take a few inches. The exact size of a yoga mat will depend on the brand and type of mat, as well as the preferences of the person using it.

So if you want to measure something that is 24 inches, you can compare it with the width of your yoga mat.

5. Coffee Table

Coffee tables come in a variety of sizes and shapes, making them suitable for any kind of space. If you have a small area, you can opt for a compact, space-saving option; or if you have a bigger area, then you can choose one that is longer and takes up more space. Whatever size you need, there’s a coffee table to fit the bill.

Coffee tables generally come in a standard height of 24 inches. There are many different styles available, ranging from solid and durable pieces designed with storage in mind to lightweight frames.

At 24 inches, this table is the perfect height for reaching your favorite beverage while lounging on the sofa. It also provides a comfortable level at which to rest your feet and relax.

6. USB or Charging Cable

Charging cables are most commonly used with electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This can be useful if you need to charge your device while it is in a hard-to-reach location, or if you need to move around while your device is charging.

Long charging cables are available in a variety of lengths and types, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

The most common size of a charging cable is around 2 feet, which is equal to 24 inches.

7. Table Lamp

Table Lamp

A desk lamp is a type of lamp that is designed to be placed on a desk or other flat surface. It is typically used to provide additional lighting for tasks such as reading, writing, or working on a computer. Desk lamps are often adjustable, allowing the user to direct the light where it is needed most.

The typical desk lamp stands about 24 inches in height, making it easy to imagine when placed on a desk or end table. This is the standard size for most desk lamps, allowing them to fit comfortably in any area of the room.

8. Four Dollar Bills

Four Dollar Bills

The size of a dollar bill is the same as the size of all other paper currency in the United States. All paper bills in the United States, regardless of their denomination, are 6.14 inches long and 2.61 inches wide.

If you’re looking for something to measure that’s 24 inches or longer, then why not try using dollar bills? All dollar bills have the same dimensions, and four of them together will give you a total length of slightly more than 24 inches. So why not reach for your wallet the next time you need to measure something? It might just come in handy!

9. Two Pairs of Kitchen Tongs

Kitchen tongs are utensils used for gripping and picking up food items. They are typically made of metal or silicone and have two arms that are connected at one end, allowing them to open and close like scissors.

The length of kitchen tongs can vary depending on the type and purpose of the tongs. In general, kitchen tongs range in length from about 7 inches to 12 inches, though some tongs may be shorter or longer depending on their intended use.

If you line up two 12 inches long kitchen tongs it will be total 24 inches in length.

10. Two Beach Balls

Beach balls are inflatable balls that are often used for recreational activities at the beach or pool. They are typically round in shape and brightly colored, and are made of a flexible material such as rubber or plastic.

Beach balls are typically measured by their diameter when fully inflated, and they can range in size from about 12 inches to 16 inches in diameter.

When you double the diameter of a beach ball, you get a length of around 24 inches. This means that two beach balls together would equal a length of right around or just over 24 inches.

11. Bandana


The size of a bandana can vary, but most bandanas are square in shape and measure about 22 inches by 22 inches. The exact size of a bandana will depend on the brand and type of bandana, as well as the intended use. For example, some bandanas may be slightly larger or smaller to accommodate different head sizes, while others may be designed for specific uses such as sun protection or fashion.

So, 22 inches is pretty close to 24 inches, it can give you a good idea about anything 24 inches.

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