What Is The Standard Backdrop Size? Complete Guide

Backdrops are a very convenient way to stand out in your photographs without spending many dollars. Although you are new to the backdrop, it would be difficult for you to select an appropriate backdrop size for your need.

Beginners can go with the standard and common size of backdrop measuring around 8 feet in width and 10 feet in height. This size is a good pick to fit four people in a single photograph.

You can find different sizes and custom sizes of backdrops in the marketer, which makes the right size selection process more complex. In this post, I have discussed the backdrop sizes in deep detail. If you are interested to learn more, please continue reading.

Backdrop Size Options

Please note an important point first, backdrops are available in different sizes and there is no standard universal size. They vary from vendor to vendor. For instance, a large-sized backdrop could be equal to the medium-sized backdrop of another vendor.

Below, I have listed the standard dimensions of backdrops for photography purposes. 

Size of BackdropDimensions (W × H) FeetDimensions (W × H) MetersPersons Supported
Extra Small4 × 5 to 5 × 81.2 × 1.5 to 1.5 × 2.42 children to 1 adult + 1 child
Small5 × 10 to 6 × 81.5 × 3 to 1.8 to 2.42 adults + 1 child
Medium8 × 102.4 × 32 adults + 2 children
Large10 × 10 to 10 × 123 × 3 to 3 × 3.7Family of 6
Extra Large10 × 15 to 10 × 203 × 4.6 to 3 × 6.18 adults
XXL20 × 10 to 20 × 206.1 × 3 to 6.1 to 6.17 to 15 adults

What Is The Best Backdrop Size For Me?

As I have mentioned above there is no standard backdrop size that can fit every situation. The size of your backdrop really depends on your studio space and the number of persons who want to be in a photograph. That’s why you should go with multiple backdrop sizes to satisfy your every customer’s requirements.

Some professionals recommend using a large or extra-large size of backdrop according to your studio space. Because you can easily crop the large backdrop according to your photo size and can easily fit the maximum number of people into a single frame. So this is the most useful and cost-effective suggestion that most professionals give.

How To Choose a Backdrop Size?

When choosing a backdrop size, there are several things to consider to ensure that you select the right size for your needs. Here are some factors to keep in mind:


The first thing to consider is what you plan to use the backdrop for. Will you be using it for portrait photography, product photography, or as a background for video recording? Knowing the purpose will help you determine the size you need.


The amount of space you have available for your backdrop is an important factor to consider. You want to make sure that your backdrop will fit comfortably in the space you have and allow you to position your subjects in front of it without feeling cramped.

Subject Size: 

If you are photographing or filming a single subject, you can choose a smaller backdrop size. However, if you are photographing or filming a group of people or larger objects, you will need a larger backdrop size to accommodate them.


The distance between your subject and the backdrop is also an important consideration. If you need to have a lot of space between your subject and the backdrop, you may need a larger size to make sure that the entire background is visible in the shot.


The style of your backdrop is also important to consider. A patterned or textured backdrop may require a larger size to ensure that the pattern is visible and not cut off.


Finally, your budget is an important consideration when choosing a backdrop size. Larger sizes can be more expensive, so it is important to balance your needs with what you can afford.

Overall, choosing the right backdrop size is essential to create a professional-looking image or video. By considering the factors mentioned above, you can select the right size for your needs and budget.


What is the standard backdrop size in CM?

The standard backdrop size in centimeters (CM) can also vary depending on the specific application. However, a common backdrop size used in photography studios is around 240 cm (height) by 300 cm (width). This size provides ample space for various photography setups and allows for flexibility in positioning subjects.

What is the standard size for a digital backdrop?

The standard size for a digital backdrop is not fixed and can vary based on the intended use. Digital backdrops are often used in virtual backgrounds for video calls, streaming platforms, or digital presentations. The size of a digital backdrop can range from small dimensions like 1280 pixels (width) to 720 pixels (height) for video calls, up to larger sizes suitable for high-definition displays or large-scale projections.

How tall should your backdrop be?

The height of your backdrop depends on the specific requirements of your intended use. Considerations such as the available space, the number of subjects to be included in the backdrop, and the desired composition all play a role in determining the appropriate height.

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