What Are Squat Rack Dimensions? Complete Guide

Squats are an essential exercise for anyone looking to build strength and tone their body. Working out with a squat rack allows you to focus on building muscle in your shoulders, back, and glutes in a safe and effective manner.

If you’re looking for a squat rack, you have two options: purchase from a trusted online retailer or build your own. If you choose to build your own, it is important to know the exact dimensions of a squat rack in order to ensure its successful construction.

A squat rack can come in various sizes and is commonly used for weight-training exercises. When building a home gym, it’s important to select a squat rack that is large enough to accommodate your training needs. The ideal squat rack for a home gym would measure 85 inches in width, 120 inches in depth, and 95 inches in height.

In this article, we will be discussing the various dimensions to keep in mind when setting up and using a squat rack. This guide will provide you with valuable information to ensure that you’re using your squat rack safely and effectively. From proper rack height and width to the recommended distance between the safety bars, we’ll cover it all.

Dimensions Of Standard Squat Rack

The size of a squat rack can range from 36 x 36 inches to much larger dimensions. The height typically ranges from 72 to 90 inches tall. Different models may offer different sizes and measurements.

If you’re looking for the biggest squat rack to use in your home gym or garage, then you should opt for one that measures 85 inches in width, 120 inches in depth, and stands up to a maximum of 95 inches in height.

Squat Rack Dimensions

The size of the squat rack you choose for your home depends on how much space is available. It’s important to measure the area you plan to put the rack in before making a decision.

For the largest squat rack (85 × 120 × 95 inches), you will need to make sure that your home gym or garage has at least 109 × 144 inches of available floor space, as well as a ceiling that is at least 107 inches in height. That way, you can ensure that your chosen squat rack will fit properly in the designated space.

Squat StandsDimensionsBrand
SML-248″ x 49″ x 92″Rogue
SML-2C48″ x 49″ x 92″Rogue
Y2 Yoke48″ x 50″ x 92″Rogue
T-3 Series Short Yoke51″ x 52″ x 72″Titan
X-3 Series Tall Rack48″ x 48″ x 93″Titan
X-3 Series Short Squat Stand48″ x 48″ x 71.25″Titan

Dimensions of Wall-Mounted Rack

Wall Mounted Racks are designed to be securely mounted on a wall, providing an organized and efficient storage solution. The dimensions listed below are for when the rack is ready to be used.

Wall Mounted RacksDimensionsBrand
Profile PRO Folding Squat Rack26.75″ x 52″ x 73″PRx
Wall Mount Power Rack22″ x 47″ x 91″Bells of Steel

Dimensions of Half-Rack

Half-Racks are squat racks that typically consist of two upright posts and provide an open front area for performing exercises.

These are more stable than squat stands and have a larger base, but since they lack the front half of a rack, they usually cost less. This makes them a great choice for those looking to save money while still getting a stable and reliable piece of exercise equipment.

Half RacksDimensionsBrand
Combo Rack HD34″ x 56″ x 28″Ghost Strong
Phoenix Squat Rack48″ x 49″ x 75″Bridge BUILT
HR-248″ x 49″ x 92.375″**Rogue
Monster Lite Half Rack55″ x 53″ x 90.375″***Rogue
Athletic Half Rack61.3″ x 65.5″ x 97.5″Hammer Strength
Monster Collegiate Half Rack62″ x 49″ x 100.375″Rogue
Base Camp Half Rack64″ x 47″ x 101.62″Sorinex

Dimensions of Full Rack aka Power Rack

Full racks are also known as power racks and they contain a minimum of 4 posts. Allowing users to safely perform most exercises.

Full RacksDimensionsBrand
SQ8135.5cm x 123.5cm x 237cmSqmize
PRX-755 SD-400178cm x 123cm x 224.5cmATX
R334″ x 53″ x 90″^^Rogue
GR3 Power Rack36″ x 47″ x 80″***Griffin
RM-3 Monster Rack 2.036″ x 49″ x 90.375″^^^Rogue
PR-5000 Build Your Power Rack41″ x 47″ x 80″Rep Fitness
PR-1100 Home Gym Power Rack48″ x 47.5″ x 84″^Rep Fitness
Monster Lite 390F48″ x 49″ x 92″Rogue
RML-49049″ x 49″ x 90.375″Rogue
X-3 Series Flat Foot Power Rack50″ x 48″ x 91″###Titan
T-3 Series Power Rack54″ x 44.75″ 91″##Titan
T-2 Series Power Rack57″ x 50″ x 83″#Titan
Evolution Power Cage (CPR-265)57″ x 51″ x 84″Tuff Stuff
Power Rack 1.059″ x 58″ x 85″ETHOS
Light Commercial Rack62.5″ x 49″ x 84.5″**Bells of Steel
3 x 3 Collegiate Power Rack72″ x 74″ x 97″EliteFTS
Base Camp Power Rack74.5″ x 47″ x 101.62″Sorinex
RM-6 Monster Rack 2.076″ x 49″ x 90.375″^^^Rogue
RML-69076″ x 49″ x 90.375″Rogue


What are the dimensions of a lifting rack?

Lifting rack dimensions can vary depending on the type and manufacturer, but they’re usually 48 inches wide, 48 inches deep, and 84 inches tall.

What are the specs for a squat rack?

You can get squat racks in different sizes, but they’re usually designed for supporting heavy weights during squats. Typically, you’ll find it consists of two upright posts with adjustable safety bars. There’s a range of heights for the uprights, but they usually are 72 to 84 inches high. Squat racks are usually the same width as lifting racks, about 48 inches. Squat rack depth varies, but it’s usually 48 to 60 inches deep.

What is squat rack depth?

This refers to the distance between the front and the back of the rack. As mentioned earlier, the depth of a squat rack can vary, but a common range is between 48 and 60 inches.

What are the dimensions of the power cage?

The power cage is similar to a squat rack but has more features and safety measures than a squat rack. Power cages can be 48 to 54 inches wide, 48 to 60 inches deep, and 84 to 96 inches high. Power cages have a variety of depths, so you can do things like squats, bench presses, and pull-ups.

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