What Are The Trash Bag Sizes?

Let’s talk about trash bags. Yes, you read that right – trash bags. You might be thinking, “What’s so important about trash bag sizes?” But let me tell you, if you’re tired of struggling to fit your trash into a bag that’s way too small or constantly dealing with a bag that’s way too big and wasteful, then this post is for you. Trash bags are something we use every day, yet we rarely give them a second thought.

Trash bags come in various sizes to accommodate different needs. The most commonly used sizes are 13 gallons, 33 gallons, and 55 gallons. However, some manufacturers produce custom-sized bags to fit specific trash cans. 

So, let’s dive into the world of trash bag sizes and discover how to find the perfect fit for your household needs. Are you ready to trash the wrong bag?

Trash Bag Sizes 

Trash bags come in various sizes to accommodate different waste disposal needs. 

For instance, small bags with a capacity of 3-4 gallons can hold trash from the bathroom or kitchen, as well as napkins used to clean up minor spills. They are also suitable for use in standard-sized bins.

For average-sized spaces like bedrooms and home offices, 8-10 gallon bags are commonly used. They can also serve as compact outdoor waste containers. Slightly larger bags with a capacity of 13-15 gallons are popular in households because they fit most regular trash bins and can also be used as miniature outdoor garbage containers.

For larger outdoor trash receptacles, 20-gallon bags are a good fit. They can store cleaning materials that are used to pick up big spills and messes. Businesses and factories often use extra-large bags with a capacity of 33-39 gallons to dispose of their trash. These bags are also commonly placed in outdoor trash receptacles.

For waste that is either bulky or heavy, such as construction debris or yard waste, extra-large bags with a capacity of 45-55 gallons are typically used. Finally, when removing waste on a large scale, such as when cleaning out a warehouse or an entire house, enormous bags with a capacity of 60-96 gallons are often utilized.

What Is The Trash Bag’s Thickness?

What Is The Trash Bag's Thickness

The thickness of a trash bag can vary depending on its intended use and the brand that produces it. However, on average, a typical household trash bag has a thickness of around 0.7 to 1.2 mils (thousandths of an inch), which is equivalent to 0.018 to 0.03 millimeters.

Heavy-duty trash bags used for construction or commercial purposes may have a thickness of 3 mils or more. It’s essential to choose the right thickness based on the type of waste you will dispose of to prevent tearing and leaks.

What Are The Uses Of Trash Bags?

A trash bag is a disposable bag made of thin and flexible plastic material that is designed to contain and carry waste materials.

Trash bags are commonly used in homes, offices, and public places to collect and dispose of various types of garbage, such as food waste, paper, plastic, and other non-recyclable items. They come in different sizes and shapes to fit various trash cans and are available in scented and unscented varieties to help control odors.

Additionally, some trash bags are made from biodegradable materials that break down over time, making them a more environmentally friendly option for waste disposal.

How Many Trash Bag Shapes Available In The Market?

There are several different trash bag shapes available in the market, including:

  1. Flat bags: These bags are flat and have no gussets or pleats. They are typically used for lightweight and small items.
  2. Gusseted bags: These bags have gussets or pleats on the sides and bottom, which allows them to expand and hold more waste. They are commonly used for larger and heavier items.
  3. Star-sealed bags: These bags have a star-shaped seal at the bottom, which eliminates gaps and helps prevent leaks. They are ideal for wet or heavy waste.
  4. Drawstring bags: These bags have a drawstring closure at the top, which makes them easy to close and carry. They are often used in kitchens and bathrooms.
  5. T-shirt bags: These bags have a T-shape handle at the top, which makes them easy to carry. They are commonly used in grocery stores and for small items.
  6. Biodegradable bags: These bags are designed to break down quickly in the environment, reducing their impact on the planet. They are a popular choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

How To Select Trash Bag Size?

How To Select Trash Bag Size

To select the appropriate trash bag, there are several factors to consider.

  1. Measure the interior dimensions of the trash can to choose a bag that fits snugly.
  2. Estimate the volume of waste that will accumulate over a certain period to select a bag with the appropriate capacity. 
  3. Consider the type of waste that will be disposed of, as heavy or bulky waste may require a bag with a thicker gauge to prevent tearing.

Finally, if the bag will be used for commercial or industrial purposes, a larger bag with a thicker gauge may be necessary to handle the increased volume and weight of the waste. Taking these factors into account will ensure that you select the most appropriate trash bag for your needs.


What sizes do trash bags come in?

Trash bags come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small to extra-large. The most common sizes include:
Small: Typically around 4-8 gallons (15-30 liters).
Medium: Usually between 8-16 gallons (30-60 liters).
Large: Typically around 20-30 gallons (75-115 liters).
Extra-Large: Generally above 30 gallons (115 liters) and can go up to 50 gallons (190 liters) or more.

What are common trash can sizes?

Common trash can sizes vary depending on the location and purpose. Here are some typical sizes:
Bathroom Trash Can: Usually around 2-5 gallons (8-20 liters).
Kitchen Trash Can: Typically between 8-16 gallons (30-60 liters), but larger sizes are also common.
Office Trash Can: Varies, but often around 4-10 gallons (15-38 liters).
Outdoor Trash Can: Can range from 20-50 gallons (75-190 liters) or more.

How big is a 20 l trash bag?

A 20-liter trash bag is relatively small and can typically fit in a bathroom or office trash can. It is approximately equivalent to a 5-gallon trash bag.

How many liters is a standard trash bag?

The standard trash bag size is somewhat subjective and can vary by region and use. However, a common size for standard trash bags is around 13 gallons (50 liters).

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