What Are The Standard License Plate Dimensions? Full Guide

A license plate is a special tag that is put on your car to show who owns it. Different places have different rules about how big or what shape the license plate should be. 

It’s good to know about license plate dimensions if you have a car or if you make things that go on or around license plates.

Standard License Plate Dimensions

In the United States, the standard size of a license plate for all cars, trucks, and trailers is a rectangular shape measuring 6 inches by 12 inches, which equals 1 foot. 

For motorcycles, license plates come in a smaller size due to the limited space measuring 4 inches by 7 inches, compact yet easily visible. 

This uniform dimension ensures that license plates are easily recognizable and readable for law enforcement officials and surveillance systems.

The material used to make license plates is aluminum, known for its durability and resistance to rust. This choice of material ensures that even under harsh weather conditions and the natural wear and tear of vehicles, the license plate will remain in good condition and easily visible.

The durability of license plates has made them a popular collector’s item, with many enthusiasts amassing a collection of vintage plates. Although the size of license plates remains consistent across the United States, each state has its unique design or multiple designs,

A majority of the states in the United States feature a design on their license plates that represents the state’s image or motto. Although the standard size of a license plate is 6 inches by 12 inches, there can be slight variations in the exact dimensions from state to state. Nevertheless, these variations in size remain within close proximity to the standard size.

When obtaining a license plate for their vehicle, car owners have the option to either receive a standard license plate number or to personalize their plate with a vanity plate. Vanity plates allow for the inclusion of a word, letters, or numbers that hold personal significance to the owner.

How Thick Are License Plates?

While the size of license plates in the United States is standardized, the thickness is not. License plates can have a thickness that ranges from a thin 0.025 inches or 0.5 millimeters to a slightly thicker 0.039 inches or 1 millimeter. This thickness is sufficient to ensure the stability and durability of the license plate, while also being lightweight enough to not add unnecessary weight to the vehicle.

It is worth noting that license plates with thicker gauges tend to be sturdy and long-lasting. If your license plate is significantly thicker than the standard, you may require longer screws to secure it properly to your vehicle.

Which Are The Standard License Plate Sizes Around The Globe?

Every country has its own unique style and dimensions. If you find yourself cruising through Europe or in North or South Korea, you may notice a difference in the size of the plates. Known as number plates, these license plates are typically longer and more narrow, measuring 20 inches in length and between 4.3 to 4.7 inches wide. In certain parts of Europe, it’s a requirement to have number plates not only at the back of the car, but also at the front. Meanwhile, if you venture to Pacific Rim countries such as Japan, you’ll see license plates that are more compact in size, usually measuring around 14.6 by 5.3 inches.

CountryCar License Plate Dimensions (Inches)Car License Plate Dimensions (Centimeters)
Andorra13 × 5.533 × 14
Brazil15.7 × 5.540 × 13
Chile14.2 × 5.136 × 13
China (gas cars)17.3 × 5.544 × 14
China (New Energy Vehicles)18.9 × 5.548 × 14
Ecuador15.9 × 6.140.4 × 15.4
Indonesia15.6 × 5.339.5 × 13.5
Iraq12.6 × 3.532 × 9
Italy14.2 × 4.336 × 11
Japan13 × 6.533 × 16.5
Jordan16.9 × 4.343 × 11
New Zealand14.2 × 4.936 × 12.5
San Marino15.4 × 4.739 × 12
Saudi Arabia12.2 × 6.131 × 15.5
South Africa17.3 × 4.744 × 12
Switzerland11.8 × 3.830 × 8
Syria17.7 × 3.945 × 10
Taiwan15 × 6.338 × 16
Thailand13.4 × 5.934 × 15
The Philippines15.4 × 5.539 × 14

Standard Motorcycle License Plate Dimensions

In the United States, 49 out of the 50 states have standardized 7 x 4 inch (18 x 10 cm) license plates for motorcycles. The only exception to this is Minnesota, where the motorcycle license plates are a slightly different size, measuring 7-3/16 x 4-3/16 inches (18.3 x 10.6 cm).

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at motorcycle license plates in the United States, let’s broaden our perspective and explore how other countries handle the design and sizing of their license plates for motorcycles.

CountryMotorcycle/Moped License Plate Dimensions (Inches)Motorcycle/Moped License Plate Dimensions (Centimeters)
Germany11 × 7.928 × 20
Indonesia9.8 × 4.125 × 10.5
Japan7.8 × 3.920 × 10
New Zealand9.9 × 3.925.2 × 9.8
Russia7.5 × 5.719 × 14.5
Saudi Arabia7.1 × 3.518 × 9
United Kingdom9 × 722.8 × 17.8

Do All License Plates Have The Same Size?

sizes of number plates 1

License plates in the United States are all standardized in terms of width and height. But license plates size vary from country to country. 

However, there is some flexibility in terms of the thickness of the license plate.

Although, decorative plates, such as those used for house decor or front-of-car displays, may not conform to the exact size specifications of the standard license plate.

What Is The size of the License Plate Screws?

The most popular screw size for license plates is called a 1/4-14-3/4 screw. This means the screw has a diameter of 1/4 inch and a length of 3/4 inch. The first and last numbers are the diameter of the top part and the length of the screw, respectively. The number “14” in the size of a license plate screw (e.g. 1/4-14-3/4) refers to the number of threads on the screw. 

Just like license plates have a standardized size, license plate screws also have a generally accepted size that is necessary for secure attachment. While there may be some flexibility in the exact size of the screw used, a standard size helps ensure that the license plate stays in place on the vehicle. 

While most vehicles use the standard 3/4 inch screw size for license plates, some car brands have unique requirements. For instance, BMW requires screws that are a bit longer, around 10 millimeters in length.


Are all license plate frames the same size?

Frames for license plates come in all shapes and sizes. Although many license plate frames are designed to fit standard license plates, there are still differences in size and shape between countries and regions. Make sure you pick a license plate frame based on the dimensions of your plate.

What size license plate frame do I need?

You should think about the dimensions of your license plate to figure out which frame you need. Look for a frame that matches the width and height of your license plate. It’s important to choose a frame that fits snugly without covering important information on your license plate.

What are the dimensions of license plates around the world?

Different countries have different license plate dimensions. Here are some examples:

License plates in the United Kingdom typically measure 13 inches (33 cm) in width and 7 inches (17.8 cm) in height.
License plates in Germany are 20.5 inches wide and 4.5 inches high.

What is the aspect ratio of a license plate?

License plates have a proportional relationship between their width and height. For example, the aspect ratio of a standard U.S. license plate is about 2:1, which means the width is about twice as high as the height. Your region’s regulations and requirements will determine your license plate’s aspect ratio. For example, the United Kingdom has a different aspect ratio.

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