Single And Double Squash Court Dimensions – Complete Detail

Squash is a racket sport that is played in a rectangular box. The four walls of this rectangular box are of different heights. Squash is an intense sport distinct from badminton and tennis. The floor of the court is on the same level.

A standard squash court dimensions are 6.4 meters or 21 feet in width, 9.75 meters or 32 feet in length, and 5.64 meters or 18.5 feet in height. The total area for a playing field in a squash court is 62.4 square meters (672 square feet). The measurement of the length, width, and diagonal of a squash court is taken at a height of 10 cm above the floor.

If you want to learn more about the dimensions of squash courts, below I have discussed the dimensions of squash courts in more detail. Please continue reading.

Squash court dimensions

Squash Court Dimensions

According to the Professional Squash Association, the dimensions of squash should be 6.4 meters or 21 feet in width and 9.75 meters or 32 feet in length. The minimum ceiling height should be 5.64 meters or 18.5 feet.

Because this is an indoor sport, a minimum ceiling height is required, unlike tennis and badminton.

Now let’s take a closer look at the dimensions of a squash court.

Note: The width of all lines is 2 inches.

Singles squash court Dimensions

The dimensions of a standard squash court for singles are:

  • Courts measure 9.75m in length.
  • Courts measure 6.4 meters wide.
  • The diagonal measurement is 11.665 meters.
  • A height of 4.57m is measured between the floor and the lower edge of the front wall.
  • There is a height of 2.13m between the lower edge of the back wall line and the floor.
  • From the floor to the lower edge of the front wall’s service line, this height is 1.780m.
  • There is 4.8 meters between the floor and the top of the tin.
  • The distance from the back wall to the nearest edge of the short line is 4.26m.
  • In terms of dimensions, the service boxes measure 1.600m.
  • All lines and the upper part of the tin are 5cm wide.
  • Courts must have a minimum clear height of 5.640 meters above the floor.

Doubles/hardball squash court dimensions

The dimensions of the double squash court are a little different from the single one.

  • Between the playing surfaces, the court measures 13.72m.
  • Between the playing surfaces of a court, there is a width of 7.62m.
  • A diagonal of 5.69m is measured.
  • There is a height of 6.09m above the floor to the lower edge of the front wall.
  • A height of 2.13m is measured from the ground to the lower edge of the back wall.
  • It is 2.46 meters high from the floor to the upper edge of the service line on the front wall.
  • 4.3m is the height from the ground to the top of the tin.
  •  Distance from the back wall to the nearest edge of short line: 4.57m
  • A quadrant service box measures 1.37m2.
  • Board and lines are both 38mm wide.
  • It is necessary to have a minimum height of 7.31m above the court floor.

Different lines and walls of a squash court in the details:

Squash Court Dimensions and lines

Front wall

There are three horizontal markings on the front wall of the court that is called front wall lines. When the hard ball touches the wall, it makes a specific sound, and all the edges of the tin are rounded.


The floor of the court is generally made of wood and has a hard smooth surface. It has limited spring with a matte finish.

Side walls

Between the front wall line and the back wall line, there is an angle in the side wall line.

Back wall

The horizontal court marking on the back wall is the only marking and that is the back wall line.

Floor markings

There are different markings on the court, like half court line, a short line, and two service boxes. The short line runs parallel to the back and front walls of the court and its length is 4.26 meters.

The half line of the court is parallel to the side walls. It lies between the short line and the back wall.

There are two service boxes behind the short line. Each service box lies in each half of the court. 


The entrance is located in the middle of the back wall and it opens inside the court. The door should be less than 900 mm in width and 2130 mm in height.

Rules of squash:

Squash Court Dimensions and rules

If you are playing squash for fun, you don’t have to worry about the rules of this sport. But if you still want to learn about the rules of squash. Here are the rules.

Some basic rules:

  • Players have to hit the ball at once without carrying it.
  • In addition to bouncing the ball once on the floor and/or the back wall, you can bounce it infinitely against the side walls.
  • On the floor, the ball should bounce once.
  • The ball should hit between the outlines and tin to be valid.
  • While serving, players are not allowed to bounce the ball before hitting it.
  • One point is counted when the opponent fails to deliver the right hit.

Rules of scoring:

  • To determine a winner, a set of 3 matches or a set of 5 matches are played.
  • The point of a single set is 11.
  • The first team or player who reaches 11 points, is declared the winner.
  • Both players reach the level of 10-10, and the player who takes the lead by two points consistently is declared the winner.

Serving rules:

  • Both feet of the serving player should be within the service box.
  • The ball should hit between the front wall outline and the service line to be considered valid.
  • Volleys can be used to return serves.
  • A bounced ball must contact the ground behind the short line (relative to the front wall) to be permitted to bounce. Serves that do not comply with this requirement are invalid.


So in this post, we have discussed the squash court dimensions and other details deeply. If you have further questions, you can go through the FAQs or comment below.


What is the size of a squash court in feet?

The size of the singles squash court is 32 feet in length and 21 feet in width or a total area of 672 ft² (62.4 m²).

Are professional squash courts smaller?

In North America, the double squash courts of hardball are slightly larger than the international single squash courts. As the hard ball has a faster pace than the normal ball, double players need more space to play.

Is squash the fittest sport?

The Forbes study found that squash is the most physically fit of all sports. 

Is squash tougher than tennis?

Squash and badminton are tougher sports than tennis. The duration of the game will also increase dramatically if the relay drags on longer.

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