How Long Is 40 Inches? (8 Common Examples)

Before we dive into the specifics of how long 40 inches is, let’s first discuss what inches are and how they are measured. Inches are a unit of measurement that is commonly used in the United States and other countries that have adopted the Imperial system. 

One inch is equivalent to 2.54 centimeters, which means that 40 inches are equivalent to 101.6 centimeters.

Things That are 40 Inches Long

40-inch TVs 

40-inch Tv

A 40-inch TV refers to a television with a screen diagonal of 40 inches, or approximately 101.6 centimeters. It’s a popular size for TVs, offering a balance between screen size and affordability. 

With a 40-inch TV, you can enjoy a cinematic viewing experience in your living room without taking up too much space.



Acoustic guitars have a hollow body and produce sound through the vibration of the strings, while electric guitars use pickups and an amplifier to produce sound. 

The length of a guitar can vary depending on its type and size, but most guitars are between 38 and 41 inches long.

40 U.S. Quarters

U.S. Quarters

The diameter of a U.S. quarter is approximately 0.96 inches (24.3 mm), and they are about 0.07 inches (1.75 mm) thick. 

The total length of 40 U.S. quarters, line them up in a row one by one and they would measure 40 inches.

An iPhone Charger Cable

An iPhone Charger Cable

An iPhone charger cable is a type of cable that is used to charge and sync Apple iPhone devices. The length of an iPhone charger cable can vary, but the standard length is approximately 40 inches or 1 meter.

Hockey Sticks

Hockey Sticks

A hockey stick is a long, narrow, and slightly curved stick that is used in the sport of hockey. The stick is typically made of wood, composite materials, or a combination of both. 

The length of a hockey stick can vary depending on the height of the player, but generally, it ranges from 40 to 60  inches.

Dog Crates

Dog Crates

A dog crate is a type of cage or enclosure that is designed to keep a dog safe, secure, and comfortable. It is typically made of metal, plastic, or wire and has a door that can be locked. Dog crates come in different sizes and styles, ranging from small portable crates for puppies or small dogs, to larger crates for medium or large-sized dogs. 

The length of a dog crate can vary based on the size of the dog, with small crates ranging from 18 to 24 inches in length, medium crates ranging from 30 to 36 inches, and large crates ranging from 42 to 48 inches or more. 

Dog crates can be used for house training, transportation, and providing a safe place for the dog to rest and sleep.

Baseball Bats

Baseball Bats

A baseball bat is a long, cylindrical club used in the game of baseball to hit the ball thrown by the pitcher.

It is typically made of wood, aluminum, or composite materials, and has a narrow handle at one end and a wider barrel at the other end. 

The length of a baseball bat can vary depending on the player’s height and preference but is typically between 38 and 40 inches in length for adult players.

Half a Queen-size Mattress

40 inches

A half queen-size mattress is a smaller version of a standard queen-size mattress. It measures approximately 30 inches wide by 40 inches long, which is half the width of a standard queen-size mattress (80 inches wide). 

It’s a great option for smaller bedrooms or for individuals who prefer a narrower sleeping space.


How long is 40 inches in feet?

40 inches is equivalent to 3.33 feet.

How many cm is a 40-inch waist?

To convert 40 inches to centimeters, you can use the conversion factor of 2.54 cm/inch:
40 inches x 2.54 cm/inch = 101.6 cm
Therefore, a 40-inch waist is approximately 101.6 cm.

How do you visualize 1 inch?

One way to visualize one inch is to picture the distance between the tip of your thumb and the first knuckle. Alternatively, you can use a ruler or measuring tape to see the physical length of one inch.

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