How Far Is 500 Feet? ( 6 Common Examples )

Understanding distance measurements is crucial for making informed decisions and staying safe in various situations.

A foot is a unit of length equal to 12 inches, and 500 feet is equivalent to 152.4 meters. It’s a significant distance, but not so far that it’s impossible to imagine.

In this article, I will explore some common examples of 500 feet to better understand how far that distance is.

How Far is 500 Feet : ( Common Examples )

Half of the Eiffel Tower 

500 feet

The Eiffel Tower is a famous landmark located in Paris, France. It stands at a total height of 1,063 feet. Half of the Eiffel Tower would therefore measure approximately 531.5 feet in height. This is taller than many buildings and structures, including the Statue of Liberty, which stands at 305 feet.

 2 Boeing 777-300

 2 Boeing 777-300

The Boeing 777-300 is a wide-body, long-range airliner manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. It has a typical seating capacity for 386 passengers and a maximum takeoff weight of 775,000 pounds (351,534 kg). Two Boeing 777-300 aircraft placed end to end would measure approximately 414 feet in length. This is longer than a football field, which measures 360 feet in length.

5 Garden Hoses

5 Garden Hoses

A garden hose is a flexible tube that conveys water for gardening, lawn care, and other outdoor activities. The length of a garden hose can vary, but a standard garden hose is typically around 100 feet in length. Therefore, five garden hoses placed end to end would measure approximately 500 feet in length.

11 School Buses

11 School Buses

A school bus is a type of bus designed for student transportation. The length of a school bus can vary depending on the model and manufacturer, but a standard school bus is typically around 40-45 feet in length. Therefore, 11 school buses placed end to end would measure approximately 500 feet in length.

2 City Blocks

2 City Blocks

The size of a city block can vary depending on the city and location, but a typical city block in the United States is often around 264 feet in length. Therefore, two city blocks placed end to end would measure approximately 500 feet in length.

10 Shipping Containers

10 Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are standardized metal boxes used for the transport of goods. A standard shipping container is typically 50 feet in length. Therefore, ten shipping containers placed end to end would measure approximately 500 feet in length.


How many steps is 500 feet?

The number of steps it takes to cover 500 feet varies depending on the length of your stride. On average, a person’s stride length is about 2.5 feet. This means it would take around 200 steps to cover a distance of 500 feet.

How deep is 200 feet?

200 feet is quite deep, especially in water. It’s equivalent to around 20 stories of a building. In the ocean, this depth is considered the edge of the “twilight zone,” where sunlight can no longer penetrate and the environment becomes darker and colder. In terms of pressure, 200 feet underwater exerts about 90 pounds per square inch on an object or organism.

How far can the average person throw a baseball?

The average person can throw a baseball at about 60 to 70 miles per hour, which translates to a distance of about 300 to 350 feet. So, throwing a baseball that far would be just over half the distance of 500 feet.

How far away should fireworks spectators be from the launch site?

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), spectators should be at least 70 feet away for every inch of the diameter of the largest shell being fired. So, for a 500-foot shell, spectators should be at least 3,500 feet (or about two-thirds of a mile) away from the launch site.

How deep is 500 feet in the ocean?

500 feet is quite deep in the ocean. It’s about the same depth as a 50-story building. At this depth, the pressure is around 150 pounds per square inch, which is why deep-sea creatures have adapted to withstand such extreme conditions.

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