How Far Is 40 Yards? (Common Examples)

Whether you’re an athlete, a hunter, or just curious, understanding distances is important. One measurement that can cause confusion is the yard, specifically 40 yards. 

What is a Yard?

Before we dive into 40 yards, it’s important to understand what a yard is. A yard is a unit of length equal to three feet, or 36 inches. 

In the United States, the yard is the primary unit of measurement for measuring distances on a football field.

What is 40 Yards?

Forty yards is a distance of 120 feet or 1,440 inches. To put that into perspective, it’s approximately the length of a standard school bus. 

In football, the 40-yard dash is a common drill used to measure the speed of players.

How Far is 40 Yards Compared to Other Measurements?

It can be difficult to visualize exactly how far 40 yards is, so let’s compare it to other common measurements. 40 yards are equal to:

  • 120 feet
  • 1,440 inches
  • 36.576 meters
  • 0.0227 miles
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Things That Are 40 Yards Long

Cargo container

cargo container

The standard length of a cargo container is 40 feet or 12.192 meters. Therefore, if you line up three cargo containers end to end, you would get a 40-yard-long structure.

Bowling Lane

bowling lane

A bowling lane is a long and narrow lane made of polished wood or synthetic materials where the game of bowling is played. 

The length of a bowling lane is typically 60 feet or 20 yards. It is divided into 39 boards, each measuring 1.5 inches wide. Therefore, 2 lanes would measure approximately 40 yards. The lane is marked with various lines and dots that help bowlers to aim and keep their ball on the correct path.

24 Hockey sticks

Hockey Sticks

Hockey sticks are long, slender sports equipment used by players in the game of hockey to hit the puck. 

The standard length of a hockey stick is between 48 and 60 inches or 4 to 5 feet. 

Therefore, 24 hockey sticks would have a total length of between 96 and 120 feet or 32 to 40 yards. 

13 Car Parking Spaces

car parking

13 car parking spaces would occupy a rectangular area with a length of about 136 feet and a width of about 62 feet. 

In yards, this would be approximately 40-42 yards in length and 20.6 yards in width. 

This assumes that each parking space is a standard size of 9 feet by 18 feet, with a driving lane width of 12 feet between each row of parked cars.

8 Balance Beams

balance beam

Balance beams are narrow and elevated pieces of gymnastics equipment that athletes use to perform various balance and acrobatic routines. 

The standard length of a balance beam used in competitions is 14.4 feet or 4 meters. 

Therefore, 8 balance beams would have a total length of 120.2 feet or 36 meters, which is equivalent to about 40 yards.

Width of 40 doors


The width of 40 doors can vary depending on the type and size of the doors. A typical interior door in a residential home is usually 2-4 feet wide, while an exterior door is usually 2.5-3.5 feet wide. 

Assuming that all 40 doors are of the same type and size, and using an average width of 3 feet per door, the total width of 40 doors would be 120 feet or 40 yards.

Width of 3 Basketball Courts

basketball court

The width of a standard basketball court is 50 feet or 16.67 yards. 

This width is measured between the sidelines, which run parallel to each other and are located at the edges of the court. 

Therefore, the width of 3 courts would measure approximately 40 yards.

3 Driveways


The width of a driveway can vary depending on the design and intended use. A typical driveway for a single car is around 10-12 feet wide, while a double driveway can be between 20-24 feet wide, most of the driveways are 40 feet wide. 

Assuming that all 3 driveways are of the same type and size, and using an average width of 40 feet per driveway, the total width of 3 driveways would be 120 feet or 40 yards.

20 Adult Males


The size of a group of 20 adult males can vary depending on their height and build. Assuming an average height of 5’10” and an average shoulder width of 18 inches per person, a group of 20 adult males standing side by side would occupy a width of approximately 30 feet or 10 yards. 

This is equivalent to the width of a small alley or the length of a mid-sized car. 

However, if the 20 adult males were to stand in a single file line, the length of the line would be approximately 116 feet or 38.7 yards. Which is close to 40 yards.


How many steps is 40 yards?

The number of steps it takes to cover 40 yards will vary depending on a person’s stride length. On average, a person takes about 1.5 steps per yard, which means that 40 yards would require approximately 60 steps.

How can I measure 40 yards?

There are several ways to measure 40 yards, depending on the tools you have available. One simple method is to use a measuring tape or a ruler that is marked in yards. You can also use landmarks or objects that you know are a certain distance apart to estimate the length of 40 yards.
Another option is to use a GPS device or an app on your smartphone that can measure distances. These tools use satellite technology to determine your location and can provide accurate measurements of distances.

How far is 40 yards in meters?

One yard is equal to 0.9144 meters, which means that 40 yards is equal to 36.576 meters.

What does 40 yards equal?

40 yards is equal to 120 feet, 1,440 inches, or 3,657.6 centimeters. It is also equal to 0.0227 miles or 0.03937 kilometers.

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