How Big Is 6 Centimeters? (10 Examples)

Have you ever wondered how big is 6 centimeters? Depending on the context, 6 centimeters can be considered either small or large.

To help you better understand this measurement, we’ll cover what 6 centimeters are relative to other measurements and look at some common objects or things that are 6 centimeters in size.

What is 6 Centimeters?
6 centimeters (cm) is equal to 0.06 of a meter, which is equivalent to 0.197 of a foot or 2.362 inches.

1. Credit Card

Credit Card

The standard size for a credit card is 3.370 inches wide by 2.125 inches high. This size, which is known as the ISO/IEC 7810 ID-1 format, is recognized internationally and is commonly used for credit cards, debit cards, and other types of payment cards.

The width of a credit card is 2.125 inches or 5.4 centimeters, which is a little short than 6 centimeters. But if you have a credit card, it can give you an approximate measurement of how wide 6 centimeters is.

2. Business Card

Business Card

A business card is a small card that contains contact information for a person or a business. It is typically used for networking and professional introductions.

The standard size for a business card is 3.5 inches wide by 2 inches high. This means the width of a business card is around 2 inches or 5.08 centimeters, which is close to 6 centimeters in size.

So if you need an accurate measurement for 6 centimeters, this size can give you a good idea.

This size, which is slightly smaller than the standard size for a credit card, allows business cards to be easily stored and carried, and to fit in standard-sized cardholders and wallets.

3. Dollar Bill

Dollar Bill

A US dollar bill, also known as a Federal Reserve note, is 2.61 inches wide, which is equals to 6.63 centimeters and slightly larger than 6 centimeters. But it can give you a good idea about the measurement.

The width of a dollar bill is slightly greater than the height of a standard size for credit card, which is 2.125 inches.

So if you don’t have your credit card with you. You can still use the dollar bill to measure the 6 centimeters.

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4. Width of Water Bottle

Water Bottle

The width of a water bottle can vary depending on the size and type of the bottle. A standard water bottle that holds 16.9 fluid ounces has a diameter of about 2.25 inches.

The width of a water bottle can also vary depending on the shape of the bottle. Some water bottles are designed to be more narrow, while others are designed to be wider.

You can also use the cap of your water bottle to measure something 6 centimeters. Most caps of a standard-sized water bottle are about 1 inch wide, so if you put two caps together, the total width would be 2 inches or 5.08 centimeters. Which is very close to 6 centimeters and it can give you a good idea.

5. Soda Can

Soda Can

The diameter of a standard 12 oz soda can is about 2.60 inches which is equal to 6.5-7 centimeters.

If you don’t have standard-sized cans, White Claw and Red Bull cans are still an option. These tall and slim cans measure between 2.12 and 2.25 inches (or 5.38 and 5.72 centimeters) in width, giving you very close results to standard cans.

You can easily get a good idea about 6 centimeters by visualizing the standard soda can or slim can of red bull.

6. Name Tag Sticker

Name Tag Sticker

A name tag sticker is a small adhesive label that is placed on a person’s clothing to identify them by name.

A typical name tag sticker might be about 3 inches wide by 2 inches high, or slightly smaller or larger depending on the amount of information it contains and the size of the font used.

This means that the height of a name tag sticker is usually around 2 inches or 5.08 centimeters, which is close to 6 centimeters in size. So if you use these as a reference, you can get an approximate measurement of 6 centimeters.

Additionally, the size of a name tag sticker can vary depending on the design and the preferences of the person or organization issuing the sticker.

7. Two Half-Dollar Coins

Half-Dollar Coins

A half-dollar coin is a type of coin that was minted and circulated in the United States. It is worth half of a US dollar, or 50 cents. The half-dollar coin is slightly larger than a quarter, which is also a US coin worth 25 cents.

The half-dollar coin has a diameter of 1.205 inches and a thickness of 0.085 inches. So if you place two half-dollar coins side by side, they will measure a total width of 2.41 inches or 6.12 centimeters, which is close to 6 centimeters in measurement.

8. One and a half Ping Pong Balls

Ping Pong Ball

A ping pong ball is a small, lightweight ball that is used in the sport of table tennis, also known as ping pong. Ping-pong balls are typically made of celluloid, a type of plastic that is both lightweight and durable.

The standard size for a ping pong ball is 40 millimeters in diameter. If combine one and a half ping pong balls it will be a total of 6 centimeters in length and it can give you a good idea.

9. Funko Pop!

Funko Pop Box Dimensions

Funko Pop! is a brand of collectible vinyl figurines that are based on popular characters from movies, television shows, comics, and video games. These figurines, which are also known as “Pop! vinyl” or simply “Pops,” are known for their distinctive style, which features large, oversized heads and small bodies.

If you are a collector, you could find 2-inch and 4-inch pocket pops into your collection and can get a good idea of about 6 centimeters.


In conclusion, there are several objects that can be used to measure 6 centimeters. These include a US dollar bill, which is slightly larger than 6 centimeters, two half-dollar coins, a business card which is close in size to 6 centimeters, a name tag sticker which can vary in size but is usually around 6 centimeters, and Funko Pop! figures which can range from 2 inches in size. Additionally, one and a half ping pong balls can also be used to measure 6 centimeters. Ultimately, these objects can help you get an approximate measurement of 6 centimeters when needed.

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