How Big is 5 Acres? (5 Common Examples)

A 5-acre property is considered a substantial piece of land, but it can often be difficult to fully comprehend its size. For those unfamiliar with the concept, 5 acres may seem like a small plot or an overly large expanse of land. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what 5 acres represents in terms of physical measurements.

Before we jump into the 5 acres let’s first understand what is an acre.

An acre is a unit of land measurement commonly used in the United States, representing 43,560 square feet of land. It is roughly equivalent to 40% of a standard American football field and can also be thought of as a roughly rectangular plot of land that is 66 feet wide and 660 feet long.

To put it in even simpler terms, 5 acres is roughly equivalent to 43,560 square feet multiplied by 5. Which is equal to a massive 217,800 square feet.

Here are some common examples of how big are 5 acres.

One-Third of Yankee Stadium

Yankee stadium

For those unfamiliar with the size of Yankee Stadium, it’s a massive structure that can seat over 50,000 people. The stadium covers a massive 635,000 square feet, which translates to 14.5 acres of land. 5 acres of land would fit comfortably inside Yankee Stadium three times over. 

Four Football Fields

American football field

If you’re a sports fan, you may already have a rough idea of how big a football field is. Well, did you know that a professional football field used in the USA typically measures 360 feet by 160 feet, including the end zones? That’s right! All that turf adds up to a total of 57,600 square feet, which equates to approximately 1.32 acres. So, when people talk about a football field-sized plot of land, they’re actually referring to an area that’s a bit smaller than one and a half acres! 

Imagine four football fields, lined up side by side. This sprawling expanse of land would measure just over 5 acres in total!

77 Doubles Tennis Courts

tennis court

Doubles tennis courts typically measure 78 feet by 36 feet which equals 2808 square feet. This means that 77 doubles tennis courts would easily fit into the space of 5 acres. 

2.5 Percent of a Golf Course

golf course

Well, did you know that approximately 2.5% of a standard golf course would fit into 5 acres of land? This comparison gives us a better understanding of the sheer scale of 5 acres.

Let’s break it down. In urban areas, golf courses are usually around 120 acres of land. In contrast, rural areas tend to have larger golf courses, averaging around 180 acres of land. When you think about it, 5 acres is actually just 2.5% of a typical golf course, whether it’s in an urban or rural area.

700 Parking Spaces or 5 Parking Lots

Parking Space

It can be challenging to visualize the size of 5 acres, but thinking about it in terms of parking lots can make it much easier. Imagine 5 separate parking lots, each one taking up an acre of land. That’s a total of 5 acres! This substantial piece of land can accommodate a whopping 700 cars. So, if you’re considering purchasing a piece of land or trying to picture the size of 5 acres, simply think about 5 parking lots and how many cars they can fit.

Having 5 acres of land means you have plenty of room for cars! With this much space, you could easily fit 700 automobiles. To put it in perspective, the largest botanical garden in the world, the Kew Gardens in southwest London, only has space for 272 cars. That means you have more than double that amount in your own 5-acre plot. So, if you’re lucky enough to have a sprawling 5-acre property, consider yourself blessed with more than enough space for cars!

What Time it Would Take To Walk 5 Acres?

Walking 5 acres takes around 3 minutes. An average person walks 4 feet per second, so it takes 35 seconds to walk 1 acre. That means 5 acres will take 175 seconds or 3 minutes to walk.


How many football fields are on 5 acres?

The number of football fields in 5 acres depends on the specific measurements of a football field. A standard American football field measures approximately 1.32 acres. Therefore, if we divide 5 acres by 1.32 acres, we would get approximately 3.79 football fields in 5 acres.

How big is an acre visually?

An acre is a unit of area commonly used in land measurement. Visually, an acre is roughly equivalent to a square plot of land with sides measuring 208.71 feet or about 63.63 meters. It can be challenging to visualize an acre without any reference points, but it is often used as a common measurement in real estate and land management.

What is the perimeter of 5 acres?

The perimeter of 5 acres cannot be determined solely based on the given information. The perimeter of any given area depends on its shape. Since 5 acres can take various shapes (rectangular, square, irregular, etc.), the perimeter would differ accordingly. If you provide the shape or dimensions of the 5-acre area, I can help you calculate the perimeter.

How much do 5 acres cost in Texas?

The cost of 5 acres in Texas can vary significantly depending on various factors, such as location, proximity to urban areas, zoning regulations, land improvements, and market conditions. It is challenging to provide an accurate estimate without specific details.

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