How Big is 10 Acres? (12 Common Examples)

An acre is a unit of measurement for land that is about the size of a football field. It is equal to about 43,560 square feet or .405 hectares. This means that an acre is a large piece of land that can be used for different things like a family house, a farm, a business, or an industrial area.

To put it into perspective, 10 acres is equal to 43,560 square feet multiplied by 10, which comes to a total of 435,600 square feet. This is equivalent to approximately 0.04 square kilometers. 

By comparing 10 acres to familiar objects and spaces, you can get a better idea of its size and scale.

1. Six Minutes Walking


Imagine you’re walking across a big open field. If that field is 10 acres, it would take you around 6 minutes of walking at a normal pace to cross it from one side to the other. That’s how big 10 acres is!
Well, imagine taking a leisurely walk with your furry friend. It would take you approximately 24 minutes to walk the perimeter of a square that measures 10 acres. That’s about the same amount of time you would spend on a typical dog walk in your neighborhood. So next time you’re out and about, think about how those 24 minutes add up to a huge plot of land!

2. Eight Fields of American Football

american football field

A football field, including the end zones, is about 360 feet by 160 feet, which equals 57,600 square feet or 1.32 acres. Now imagine having 8 football fields lined up next to each other – that’s around 10 acres of land. 

3. Two And A Half Walmart Supercenters

walmart suppercenter

Walmart Supercenters are pretty big with an average size of 180,000 square feet, which is about 4 acres. That’s a lot of space! To understand how big 10 acres is, just imagine 2 and a half Walmart Supercenters put together. 

4. 174 Homes of 2500 Square Foot


A family home that’s big enough for everyone to be comfortable is around 2500 square feet, which is about 0.057 acres. Can you imagine putting 174 of these homes together? That’s close to 10 acres. This helps you get a better idea of how much land 10 acres really is.

5. 155 Doubles Tennis Courts

tennis court

The size of a tennis court depends on whether you’re playing singles or doubles, but let’s talk about doubles. The doubles court is 78 feet by 36 feet, making it 2808 square feet in total. If you put 15.5 of these doubles tennis courts together, it equals one acre of land. That means you could fit 155 doubles tennis courts in 10 acres of land. 

6. One-Third the Size of Dodger Stadium

dodger stadium

The land that Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles sits on is a huge 300 acres. This means there is a lot of space for the stadium, which can hold 56,000 people, and for parking, which can fit 16,000 cars. If you have 10 acres of land, you can fit it into the land area around Dodger Stadium 30 times if you put it next to each other. This can help you understand just how big 300 acres and 10 acres are.

7. 1/15 The Size of Pentagon

Have you ever heard of the Pentagon? It’s the largest office building in the world and you won’t believe just how big it is. The Pentagon measures a whopping 6,500,000 square feet, which is equal to 150 acres of land! That’s a lot of space! If you were to divide the Pentagon into 15 equal parts, each part would be the equivalent of 10 acres. 

8. 1361 Shipping Containers

Shipping container

Shipping containers come in different sizes, but the most common one you’ll see is 40 feet long and 8 feet wide. That’s 320 square feet of storage space, or about 0.007 acres. Well, if you want to get a sense of just how much 10 acres is, just imagine 1361 of these standard shipping containers lined up. That’s right, that’s what 10 acres looks like in terms of shipping containers.

9. 30 Hockey Rinks


Imagine you’re at a hockey rink, which is a pretty big space. Now, picture 30 hockey rinks put together. That’s about how much land 10 acres is. Skating from one end of the hockey rink to the other may only take a few seconds, but imagine skating around 30 rinks – that would definitely be a Workout!

10. 90 Basketball Courts

Basketball Court

If you’re a basketball fan, you probably know the size of a regulation-sized basketball court. It measures 94 feet by 50 feet, which is a total of 4700 square feet. If we think about it, one acre is equal to 43560 square feet. That means you can fit a little over 9 regulation-sized basketball courts inside of just one acre!

To put 10 acres into perspective, you would need to line up 90 regulation-sized basketball courts!

11. 13610 Sheets of Plywood

The size of a regular piece of plywood is 4 feet by 8 feet, giving it a total area of 32 square feet. If you put these pieces together, you can fit 1361 pieces in 1 acre and 13610 pieces in 10 acres! That’s a lot of plywood!

12. Half of Alcatraz Island

alcatraz island

It’s located near the coast of San Francisco and used to be a famous federal prison that housed notorious criminals like Al Capone. Nowadays, it’s a popular tourist spot, and it’s 22 acres in size. To understand how big 10 acres is, just imagine half of Alcatraz Island.


How many football fields are 10 acres?

One acre is equivalent to approximately 1.32 football fields. Therefore, 10 acres would be roughly equal to 13.2 football fields.

How long of a walk is 10 acres?

The length of a walk across 10 acres can vary depending on the shape of the land. However, if we assume a square-shaped plot of land, each side would be approximately 466.7 feet long. So, walking across 10 acres would be roughly equivalent to walking a distance of 1,866.8 feet or about 0.35 miles.

What size is 10 acres of land compared to?

To provide some perspective, 10 acres of land is roughly equivalent to:
About 7.5 soccer fields
Approximately 8 American football fields
Around 4.8 rugby fields
Approximately 5 baseball fields
Roughly the size of 10 city blocks, assuming each block is 330 feet long and 660 feet wide

How big is an acre visually?

Visually, an acre is not easily recognizable since it is a unit of area rather than a physical shape. However, it can be useful to know that an acre is roughly equivalent to the area of a football field, excluding the end zones.

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