Executive Paper Size Detailed Guide

Executive paper size is a useful option for businesses looking for a larger, more professional paper size. It is compatible with standard office equipment and can add a touch of authority to any document.

The dimensions of Executive paper size are 7.25 inches by 10.5 inches or 184.15 millimeters by 266.7 millimeters. This size provides a unique aspect ratio that accommodates the needs of certain documents.

If you are new to executive papers, you may be wondering what they are used for. In this article, I will answer that question and provide further insight into the purpose of executive papers.

Executive Paper Size

As I have mentioned above executive papers come in a variety of sizes. So here is the table executive paper size with their dimensions.

Executive Paper TypesWidthLength
Executive 17”10.5”
Executive 27.25”10.5”
Executive 37.5”10.5”
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What Is Executive Paper?

Executive paper is a type of paper that is slightly larger than the standard 8.5 x 11-inch size. It is commonly used for business documents, such as letterhead, reports, and memos.

Executive paper is often chosen for its professional appearance and the extra space it provides for writing or printing. It can be used in standard office equipment, such as printers and copiers, and is a popular choice for businesses looking to add a touch of authority to their documents.

Executive paper is an efficient and environmentally friendly choice. This substantially reduces the amount of paper waste compared to printing on letter, legal, or tabloid/ledger-sized paper.

Organizations are not required by law to use a specifically sized paper for their official documents. Therefore, they have the freedom to switch between letter and executive paper whenever they choose.

Usage and applications

Executive paper size finds its utility in various professional and business settings. Some of the common applications include:

  1. Business letters: The Executive paper size provides an ideal format for composing formal business letters. Its slightly taller dimensions offer ample space for content while maintaining a professional look.
  2. Reports and proposals: When creating concise reports or proposals, the Executive paper size allows for effective content organization. Its compact format presents information in a structured manner, making it easy to read and comprehend.
  3. Presentations: Executive paper size can be used for printing slides or handouts for presentations. Its dimensions provide a comfortable reading experience and allow for efficient distribution of materials.
  4. Legal documents: Certain legal documents, such as contracts or agreements, can benefit from the Executive paper size. Its unique dimensions offer a visually distinct format while adhering to standard requirements.

History of executive paper size

The executive paper size is part of the North American paper size standard. The North American paper size standard was adopted in the late 1800s, replacing the traditional British system which used a variety of paper sizes based on the size of an uncut sheet of paper.

The adoption of the North American standard was driven in part by the increasing use of office machines and the need for a more standardized system of paper sizes.

The executive paper size was introduced as part of the North American paper size standard in order to provide a size option that was larger than letter size, but not as large as the legal size paper (8 1/2 inches by 14 inches) which was also part of the standard. It quickly gained popularity in business settings as a professional and convenient size for organizing and presenting documents.

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So in this post, I have discussed the size of the executive paper. This paper size is a popular choice for businesses looking to add a touch of authority to their documents. It is slightly larger than letter size and A4 paper and is available in three different sizes – executive, executive 2, and executive 3.

If you have furthermore queries or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment. Thank you for reading this post!


What is the executive paper size in MM?

The executive paper size in millimeters (mm) is typically 184 x 267 mm.

What is an 11×17 paper called?

The paper size 11×17 is commonly known as “tabloid” or “ledger” size.

What size is executive paper A3?

The executive paper size A3 is not a standard size for executive paper. A3 paper measures 297 x 420 mm and is commonly used for larger documents, drawings, and diagrams.

What is an executive paper used for?

It’s usually used for business and professional staff. Official documents, letters, memos, reports, presentations, and other corporate communications are usually written on executive paper. It’s slightly bigger than regular letter paper (8.5×11 inches) so you have more space.

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