9 Common Things That Are 4 Inches Long

A measuring tape or ruler is not necessary in order to measure something 4 inches long. If you have items in your household that are four inches long, you can simply use them. 

You can easily find some common 4 inches long objects in your daily routine that can be used to measure any object.

It is easy to gain an understanding of anything that is 4 inches long if you are aware of how long 4 inches is. When you place an order online for something 4 inches, you will be able to determine its length easily.

1. A Toilet Paper Roll

The Toilet Paper Roll length is 3.7 inches

You might feel, using a toilet paper roll to measure other objects is not an ideal or practical way. But toilet paper is the most common thing in households and offices that you can easily find handy in any situation.

Toilet paper rolls have a standard size which is 3.7 inches long and this is very near to 4 inches.

You can compare any object with a toilet paper roll, to get a measurement of it, if it is 4 inches or not.

2. A Credit Card

credit card length is 3.3 inches

A credit card is a plastic payment card issued by financial institutions, allowing cardholders to make purchases on credit. It is a widely accepted form of payment for goods and services, both in physical stores and online. Credit cards are typically rectangular in shape and are about 3.37 inches (8.56 centimeters) long and 2.125 inches (5.4 centimeters) wide.

As this is a little smaller than 4 inches, you can use it to measure something or you can place two cards side by side to obtain an approximate measurement of 4 inches.

You can get an exact idea using a debit or credit card. You just need to compare a credit or debit card with an object you want to measure to get the measurement.

3. A Popsicle Stick

The popsicle stick length is 4 inches 
things that are 4 inches long

Do you know the popsicle sticks have a standard size of 4.45 inches? Which is a little longer than 4 inches.

You can use a popsicle stick to measure 4 inches of things, It will give you a good measurement idea.

Craft popsicle sticks are usually a little wider and longer than normal popsicle sticks. So use normal popsicle sticks to get an idea about 4 inches measurements.

4. Four Small Paper Clips

paper clip length is 1 inch

A paper clip is a small, metal device used for holding sheets of paper together. It is designed to secure papers in a way that allows for easy detachment or rearrangement. Small paper clips are typically around 1 inch in length.

Therefore, If you put 4 paper clips in a line, it will be a total of 4 inches in length. 

Now if you want to measure whether something is 4 inches long or not, you can simply use 4 paper clips in line and compare them with your relevant object.

5. Four Quarters

four quarter coins are equal to 4 inches

A quarter is a circular coin with a diameter of approximately 1 inch and a thickness of about 0.069 inches.

But the quarter coin has an exact diameter of 1 inch. It means you can use a quarter coin to get the estimate of measurement.

If you want to measure something 4 inches you can simply line up 4 coins in a row and compare it with the object.

6. A Hand-Width

hand width is 4 inch

A hand-width is a unit of measurement commonly used to describe the approximate width of an object.

As the name suggests, it refers to the width of an object that is roughly equivalent to the width of a hand. Since hand sizes can vary from person to person, the exact measurement of a hand-width may also vary slightly.

However, as a general estimation, a hand-width is typically around 4 inches (10 centimeters) in width.

7. A Business Envelope

Business Envelopes are 4 inhces tall

A business envelope is a type of envelope specifically designed for professional and formal correspondence. It is commonly used for sending letters, documents, or invoices in business settings. Business envelopes typically come in standard sizes to ensure compatibility with mailing systems and fit the standard letter-size paper. The most common size for a business envelope is known as the #10 envelope, which measures approximately 4 inches.

As I have mentioned above business envelopes have a standard size so they also have a standard length of 8 inches.

So if you want to measure something 4 inches you fold an envelope in half and use it for the measurement purpose.

8. Two golf tees

Two golf tees are equal to 4 inhces

As I told you before most sports equipment has a standard size. Golf tees can also be used to measure 4 inches. Because golf tees are mostly 2 inches tall. 

So if you want to measure 4 inches you can use 2 golf tees together to measure 4 inches.

9. Two Baseballs

diameter of baseball is 2 inch

Sports equipment always has a standard size which can not be tolerated because of their rules and regulations.

Baseballs have a standard diameter of 2 inches. Which means you can easily use them to measure 4 inches. All you need is to line up two baseballs in a row and you are good to measure 4 inches.

Baseballs are very common and you can easily find them handy in your household. You can also pick them up from any nearby sports shop.


How long is 4 inches in a ruler?

In a standard ruler, 4 inches would be equivalent to the length between the 4-inch mark and the 8-inch mark on the ruler.

What is 1 inch long?

1 inch is a unit of length commonly used in the United States. It is equal to 2.54 centimeters.

What is an example of 1 inch?

An example of something that is 1 inch long could be the width of a standard paperclip or the diameter of a quarter coin.

How do you measure 4 inches?

To measure 4 inches, you can use a ruler or a measuring tape. Align one end of the ruler at the starting point, and then extend it until you reach the 4-inch mark, making sure to keep it straight and perpendicular to the object being measured.

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